Lee Seo Jin will soon appear in his first drama in two years!

In OCN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Times”, Lee Seo Jin can be seen as the journalist Lee Jin Woo, who lives in 2015. This political mystery drama “Time Warp” tells the story of how Lee Jin Woo is miraculously connected by telephone to Seo Jung In (Lee Joo Young), the daughter of South Korean President Seo Gi Tae (Kim Young Chul), in 2020. Through this announcement, Seo Jung In tries to prevent her father’s death – but comes across a dangerous truth in the process.

Here are three key things to look forward to for Lee Seo Jin and Times!

1. Lee Seo Jin’s second OCN drama

After appearing on OCN’s “Trap” in 2019, “Times” is Lee Seo Jin’s second project with OCN. Lee Seo Jin was able to clearly demonstrate the spectrum of his actions through his role as the sociopath presenter Kang Woo Hyun in “Trap”. In his decision to partner with OCN on his return to drama, Lee Seo Jin is excited that his role on Times will be just as exciting.

While his new role as a journalist may at first seem similar to his previous role as a presenter, it is not. In contrast to Trap’s Kang Woo Hyun, who hid his lack of humanity behind his practiced facial expressions and used people as tools, Times’ Lee Jin Woo is the exact opposite. This character is warm and compassionate and unaffected by outside pressure.

2. Lee Seo Jin’s concerns

Lee Seo Jin, while reading the script, revealed, “I’m not sure how to charismatic the character of Lee Jin Woo.” However, after numerous teasers and making clips were released, viewers could see Lee Seo Jin’s tough but tender loving care See charm. In contrast to his stuttering lips, he is hardworking and sweetly behaving, showing a quaint smile with a large dimple. The producers even confirmed that his character was the perfect “tsundere” (warm inside, cold outside).

3. The reunion of Lee Seo Jin and Kim Young Chul

Lee Seo Jin and Kim Young Chul already showed their incredible chemistry as a close father and son in the 2014 drama “Wonderful Days”. Now the two meet again as journalist Lee Jin Woo and President Seo Gi Tae, with the secret of Seo Gi Tae at the heart of the story. Viewers can look forward to how Lee Jin Woo and Seo Gi Tae are intertwined, how Lee Jin Woo seeks to reveal this truth, and how the chemistry between these two actors seven years later.

OCN’s “Times” premieres on February 20th at 10:30 pm KST. Check out a teaser here!

While we wait, you’ll see Lee Seo Jin in the following “Prenuptial Contract”:

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