It is not enough to create a digital footprint for your company. As a business owner, you need to strive to go beyond that, especially when designing your company’s website.

Within seconds of visiting your website, visitors should be able to see what your company brand is all about, whether visiting your blog, checking product prices, or checking the “About” section of your company website.

Navigating through all of these pages should be smooth and seamless. If you find that your website is not attracting as many website visitors as you expected earlier, it may be time to apply some design techniques to improve the visibility and appearance of your website.

Develop a plan

It is not enough to acknowledge that the website needs some changes to improve the user experience and functionality. You need to come up with a detailed plan of what parts of your website need to be redesigned.

The first step in creating an actionable plan is to track your visitors’ journey the first time they visit your website and document the pages they visit until they decide to become an active customer.

A thorough understanding of a customer’s journey will help you create a well-designed website that is geared towards driving leads through your designed sales funnel.

If you are unsure how to effectively plan your website design, you can opt to work with certified web design agencies like as web agencies have the expertise and experience to create one Plan that works for your company’s needs.

Reduce friction and eliminate distractions

You need to remove elements on your website that are distracting your visitor’s attention from your brand’s message.

For example, if your website has long-form, hard-to-read content or generic images, you can bet that you won’t be captivating your website visitors.

Since the majority of website visitors have an attention span of around 5 seconds, your main goal should be to get your business message across from the get-go.

You need to make sure that no aspect of your website is distracting the attention of your potential customers.

Build on social proof

The majority of customers rarely purchase a product or service from a company without looking for social evidence through reviews from customers who have previously interacted with the company’s products.

By reading customer reviews, potential customer contacts can determine whether the products and services your company offers meet their needs.

If you can create video testimonials when formatting your testimonials, the better the conversion rate.

Studies have shown that whenever users come across testimonials from real people, there is a 58% chance that they are likely to buy your products and services.