A recent study by Digital Air Strike found that car buyers see social platforms as more important than dealer websites when choosing the dealers they want to visit. The study also found that most car buyers rely on internet research to find good dealerships. Social media platforms directly influence the car buying process and can determine which cars buyers will buy.

You probably know that you should incorporate social media into your marketing strategies in some way, but most merchants are wrong. Some just have a Facebook page and post pictures or content. The successful have a well-structured social media marketing strategy that generates leads and helps them connect with prospects. If you want to generate leads and convert them into customers, you have to do more than post a car stock image on Facebook every day. Here is what you should do.


1. Use Twitter to drive sales.

A Marketshare study found that people bought $ 716 million in cars on Twitter in 2014, and the trend hasn’t changed much. Twitter is still a popular choice for car buyers. Recent research has found that over 327,000 tweets are posted about cars every day, most of which are directly related to shopping or owning a car.


2. Interact with car buyers on Facebook.

While every fourth new car buyer uses Twitter to make a vehicle purchase decision, 31 percent of social media users base their purchase decisions on Facebook content. Some of your potential customers are actively buying cars on Facebook. So think about how you can reach them.

You can customize your ads to reach people who have indicated that they are buying a car. You can target buyers based on geographic location, vehicle type, interests, and even gender. It pays to invest in Facebook marketing. Automatic ads have higher click-through rates than average Facebook ads.


3. Use Instagram to sell to millennials.

A Facebook poll found that young people are giving up Facebook to Instagram, which is all about sharing pictures and videos. It’s a great network to creatively share your brand’s story.

You can share pictures of your previous customers so that buyers can introduce themselves in this scenario. Upload pictures of people using your cars on the beach, on outdoor adventures, and even at sporting events. Show them what it feels like to own one of your models.

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