Businesses invest thousands of dollars in SEO every month, but investing money in campaigns is not enough.

Are these campaigns really working?

Choosing an SEO provider depends on several variables, including your return on investment. A good marketing ROI for any strategy is five to one. If your current provider delivers below 2: 1, that’s a big red flag.

A great ROI is just one of the variables to consider.

Discover three more tips for hiring an SEO agency.

  1. What is the agency’s SEO like?

Don’t let the sales pitch fool you. Does an SEO company have the track record to back up their claims?

One way to find out is to follow the agency’s own SEO strategy. You should check out any agency, especially agencies that call or email first.

The first place for the term “SEO” is a challenge even for large SEO agencies. However, if an agency doesn’t show up in SEO search results, that’s worrying. Enter the agency name to see if it appears.

You can also do a keyword audit. This trick is a great introduction to keyword research! Just paste the agency’s URL into an SEO tool to display their keywords.

Can you really trust an SEO provider who doesn’t invest in their own SEO?

  1. What is their track record with clients?

Now that you understand the agency’s own SEO presence, what about their client history?

First, check out the agency’s website for testimonials. While testimonials are always glowing, many go into the customer experience. Next, browse the business reviews websites to learn more about the customer service, quality, and response time of the solution.

Many agencies also have customer logos on their websites. Client lists provide a clearer insight into the preferred niches of agencies. Check out boutique SEO services that specialize in select industries like veterinary practices or spas.

As you know, talking is just talking. Run an SEO report on the agency’s clients to see if they are ranking. Even a quick google search will reveal the truth.

  1. Does the agency offer tailor-made SEO solutions?

How much is your SEO company involved?

Avoid agencies that use the same strategy template for every client. There is no single formula for SEO. Large SEO companies recognize each customer as unique.

For example, let’s say you own a veterinary office in Jacksonville, FL. A quality SEO agency would recommend a bespoke strategy that leverages local SEO, PPC, online reputation management, and more.

Take Managed SEO one step further to maintain a consistent strategy. For example, this agency combines custom and managed solutions here to deliver targeted, automated SEO. You can also choose your own buffet-style services!

Keep asking questions and get free consultations to help find the minds of potential SEO providers.

Start by choosing an SEO provider that delivers

Don’t wash your SEO budget down the drain. Start by choosing an SEO provider with a proven track record, 5-star reviews, and custom solutions.

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