Since the beginning of its establishment, TIEN ZIVEN (TIEN ZIVEN CO., LTD) has set the core value for the survival and development of the company as conscientious, professional and respected. Until now, TIEN ZIVEN is a reliable digital marketing and SEO service provider, a partner of many brands with a variety of fields such as restaurant – hotel, education, health, spa – beauty salon …

1. SEO training company – TEN ZIVEN

What is seen as an important task that TIEN ZIVEN executives always put at the top is service quality. To do this, the entire staff must constantly improve their specialist knowledge, gain experience and learn soft skills in order to perform the tasks assigned to them well and to offer customers the best quality of service.

Also, TIEN ZIVEN still fulfills the mission of helping young people who are interested in SEO, digital marketing and love to develop and “shine”. TIEN ZIVEN wants to help the marketing community become more and more professional.

2. SEO training services offered by TIEN ZIVEN

SEO Training Services is one of TIEN ZIVEN’s strategic services. Besides SEO services, web design, digital marketing consulting … TIEN ZIVEN has focused on SEO training services from simple to advanced for all audiences.

2.1. SEO training for beginners

SEO training for beginners requires a separate curriculum, from theory to practice, from general knowledge to related concepts. Without systematic training, new students can lose their roots and it is difficult to continue in-depth research.

Another topic that TIEN ZIVEN attaches great importance to the basic SEO courses for beginners is the ability to practice. “Learn to do”. Therefore, students need to be guided in theory by linking practice with clear processes from the first to the last step.

In addition, TIEN ZIVEN has separate groups for students so you can be supported and teachers can quickly answer questions for students during the SEO course at TIEN ZIVEN

2.2. SEO training for experienced people for 1 year

Unlike the basic course, the SEO training course will be the latest and most advanced knowledge and techniques for people with one year experience in SEO. Students are taught how to tweak the specific criteria to make a difference and compete with competitors, especially competitors who have optimized the basic elements well.

For those who have experience, there will certainly be a lot of difficulties that you will encounter while implementing SEO projects. With years of experience in SEO projects, including difficult keywords and strong competition, TIEN ZIVEN instructors will help you analyze the problem in order to find the best solution.

2.3. SEO training for senior positions (team leader, manager, director)

This is a training course that TIEN ZIVEN is creating exclusively for SEO leaders, managers and SEO directors. This group is known as the Senior Management Group. Knowledge of training in this group relates to SEO team management, how to properly allocate SEO resources in terms of costs and staff. In terms of the overall picture of the company’s digital marketing and clearly stating the role of SEO in that picture, this will solve the question that many business owners often ask, “Is SEO on TOP making money? “. This is knowledge that has been built up by a team of high-level experts from TIEN ZIVEN and is unique in the market.



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