Jumping to the latest social media platform can be tempting. However, according to experts speaking at The Social Shake Up Spring Tune-Up virtual event on April 21st on April 21st, it’s wiser to look at new channels more strategically by first outlining their purpose and audience. Below are insights and proven tactics related to social platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and Clubhouse, according to reporting from PRNEWS.

Tick ‚Äč‚Äčtock

The branded content on TikTok that works best is the content that reflects a native user experience, e.g. B. Creators who sing or perform dances in branded clothing.


Brand employees have the opportunity to provide expertise about a company’s products and services in the clubhouse. However, when it comes to conducting meetings, you should use trusted influencers to lead the indictment.


Instagram prioritizes roles over IGTV. Use the latter for content that is longer in form and lasts 10 minutes or more.


Consumers who visit Pinterest frequently for hobbies have an opportunity for brands to motivate users by providing hobby content.

For more information on other social platforms, including LinkedIn and Snapchat, please visit PRNEWS.