Social media is a powerhouse in the marketing world. both effective and inexpensive. Since the outbreak of digital marketing in the last 10 years, companies have shifted a larger part of their marketing budget to social media and used the community built on social media platforms to motivate people and beat their competition. Today we’re going to share some super easy social media marketing tips you need to get your marketing started online this winter and stand out from your competition.

How social media delivers ROI

When you think of organic social media marketing, which we refer to as own and deserved social media, ROI is not coming from advertising, but from building a community of connections interested in your brand and products. In addition to creating a large following, you need to be committed to making your marketing efforts pay off on social media.


When your community engages in a post by liking it, commenting on it, sharing it, retweeting it, and so on, the message reaches your community’s connections to grow your messages. Check out the image below to see how you can reach a large audience by engaging average users.

Starting with a respectable 2 million connections and assuming that each connection has an average number of network connections (i.e. friends, followers), an average of 388 friends per user, you can quickly reach 1.2 billion users, or almost half the Facebook number active users (2.7 billion).


If you feel that users are seeing shared or liked posts (or re-tweeted, re-pinned, etc.) as more trustworthy and act as virtual word of mouth, you see that the effect of that engagement not only increases reach, but also likely increases conversion , Social Media Marketing is one of your best friends.

User generated content

User Generated Content (UGC) goes beyond engagement for your brand and reflects the contributions generated by your community. This UGC brings all of the engagement benefits shown earlier in this post, as well as other valuable results, including the fact that UGC reduces the burden on your staff of content creation. UGC provides unique value by answering questions and providing tips for using your products Perhaps most importantly, it has a strong group of brand advocates (or ambassadors) on hand to provide 24/7 assistance to users about what you are just can’t do it alone.

The value of influencers

Now expand the analogy above to include users with an above-average number of followers. We call these social media influencers and there is a complete marketing strategy out there that aims to get social media influencers into engaging with your content, alerting your brand to their large number of connections, and tacitly your brand to support.

Super simple social media marketing tips

Now that we all agree on how social media marketing creates value for your business, let’s discuss our simple social media marketing tips that can help you increase market performance and beat the competition.

Create engagement

After our discussion above, I hope you agree that the most important thing to do while marketing on social media is how you interact with your followers. Engagement doesn’t just happen. If you attack social media marketing the same way you attack traditional marketing, you cannot generate engagement and your efforts will fail.

The cornerstone of engaging in social media is creating great content to share. But instead of blowing up promotional content, even if you use coupons or other valuable items for users, you need to generate a conversation with your community, not speak to them. Social media looks more like a barbecue with friends than a commercial. At least if you expect success. So don’t talk about yourself all the time. Listen and celebrate your fellowship.

That means recognizing your community’s efforts. If a member answers another user’s question, thank them. When a user tells a great story about your brand, offer them something in return for their efforts; B. a voucher for a free cookie if you are a bakery. Most importantly, listen to any questions or concerns and address these posts as soon as possible.

Look at the platforms that you are using

As you can see from our discussion on engagement, social media marketing takes TIME. Don’t expect to actively participate in every social platform out there unless you have a large staff that is into social media. Just pick a few platforms to make sure you devote enough time to each platform.

If you are starting out as a small business using social media for your brand, it is a good idea to limit platforms to a maximum of 3 while learning the ropes. For example, if you’re a grocery brand, you can choose Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the first few months to get new customers.

The social media platforms that you choose for your business will largely depend on your target market. Take a look at the graphic below, as well as others you can find online, to see which platforms will suit your target market.

Social media demographicsImage courtesy of IWD

Learn more about demographics

It is important to understand your product and audience from concept to market and use this when marketing your product on social media. As you can see in the graphic below, every age group wants different things when using social media, even if a platform like Facebook contains a variety of age groups.

Choose the right social media platformImage courtesy of Marketing Charts

Unsurprisingly, boomers use social media more like a letter or email, sharing pictures and updates, as you can see in the picture. In contrast, Gen Z users want to chat with friends and follow influencers (including celebrities) on social media.

Knowing the demographics of your target market and making your decision about which platforms work best will give you a better idea of ​​what type of content you will need to share in order to enter that market.

Use pictures

Images and videos are the be-all and end-all of social media marketing. Studies show that posts with an image generate 37% more engagement than those without. Video is one of the most popular types of content to be found online today and it is generating massive engagement. This is especially true for younger Gen Z users, who use YouTube and other video platforms more often than even their adult Gen Z counterparts.

Not only does video generate engagement, but it is also a great tool to demonstrate your product or to help users get the most out of the products they have purchased from you. Video provides a way to reach visual learners and provide more robust information to buyers without the high cost of distributing lengthy printed instructions that are sold with your product.

For example, many brands have switched to visual materials with images to assemble or operate their products to reduce the cost of producing materials in different languages. However, consumers often find these images difficult to follow, especially when reproduced as small images or poorly displayed. Video offers a cheap alternative for those consumers who may otherwise express frustrations that damage your brand image (even more so when they share their frustrations on social media), or who may not get the desired benefits from your products for not using them them right.

So if you are able to create a video showing your product or service, the chances of success are much higher, especially if you can translate the video into multiple languages.

Simple Social Media Marketing Tips

This post barely scratched the surface of the tips available for effectively managing your social media. You can also read other articles on the same topic on this website and you will find plenty of advice on the Internet. If you have specific questions, please use the comments section below and I will get back to you with answers quickly. If you have any ideas for future posts, feel free to share them in the comments too.

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