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Trendy internet design tendencies


In this digital world, the internet has become an important part of most people’s daily lives. The internet makes life so much easier and allows us to get things done easily and quickly from anywhere. Nowadays it is possible to do almost anything online. It is therefore more important than ever for companies to incorporate modern web design into their marketing strategies.

A well-designed website will help you make a good impression on your potential customers, nurture your leads and ultimately increase conversions and sales. Most of all, it gives your visitors a good user experience by helping them navigate your website with ease.


Modern website design is returning to minimalism with the use of spaces on web pages. Similar to print magazines, whitespaces ensure that the website does not look too messy and that it has a clean and clear appearance. When used correctly, whitespace gives the page a sense of elegance. For example, check out the Creative Web Design London website and see how it guides your eyes to the important parts.

Whitespace offers space to breathe so that your visitors’ eyes can rest. When two different elements are together or close enough with little white space in between, the eyes see them as one. However, if the two elements are further apart and there is enough space between them, the eyes will see them separately. So knowing how to use spaces on your website can help improve your website’s user experience.

Playful cursors

Redesigned websites often have a new type of cursor that makes pages display slightly different. Adding playful cursors to your website can be as simple as changing its shape or as complex as coding cursor-triggered animation. Regardless, you can be sure that your visitors will have a great time interacting with a unique type of cursor on your website.

Due to the playfulness of the animation, visitors spend a few minutes moving the cursor over the website or the navigation menu. For example, take a look at this unique cursor that Paolo Fornasier added to his online portfolio. While your cursor doesn’t have to be as complex as this one, adding a unique element can definitely add some spice to your website.

Another modern web design trend is dynamic scrolling. One type of dynamic scrolling sets different scrolling speeds for the foreground and background of a site, creating a 3D effect for your visitors.

Background videos can also be added for dynamic scrolling. The video only plays when users scroll it.

Check out Crypton’s site to see a great example of dynamic scrolling in action. With dynamic scrolling, your animations and images can appear like magic, which makes your website very attractive to visitors. Such attractions on a website can charm and delight your visitors, keep them occupied and give a good impression of your online business.

Hand drawn elements

Hand-drawn elements like handwritten writing are known to evoke emotions that convey a sense of humanity and personal touch. Hand-drawn graphics make a website look less formal and relaxed. They also exude a positive attitude that can be very attractive to users. These elements can show how creative and resourceful you can be.

However, it is important to note that artistic illustrations and elements should not be enforced on a web page. Be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, it might look childish and thoughtless, which can ultimately lead to the loss of existing and potential customers.