“True Beauty,” episode 11, is about the misunderstanding that tainted the relationship between Su-ho (Cha Eun-woo) and Seo-jun (Hwang In-yeop). Her best friend Se-yeon had killed himself, and this created a rift between the two. Su-ho believed that if he had just answered Se-yeon’s call he could have saved his best friend, and Seo-jun believes that Su-ho did not help Se-yeon even though he knew how he fought.

However, when a song that Su-ho composed as Leo with Se-yeon is used by his father with no regard for plagiarism, Su-ho tries to confront his father in hopes of withdrawing the song, but finds out the terrible thing The truth that Se-yeon was a bully at school was spread by none other than his father’s office in an attempt to bury the scandal that he was photographed with a young actor. This annoys Su-ho, who has a nervous breakdown and thus had an accident, even though Seo-jun did his best to save him. In the hospital, Su-ho can finally pass on his complaints to his father and listens to his broken chatter. Seo-jun is shocked and also feels guilty for judging his friend without giving him the opportunity to explain.

The guilt Su-ho feels is enough to traumatize him and he doesn’t need anyone to blame him, especially his best friend, and this is exactly what Seo-jun realizes over time as the two stay side by side the hospital during treatment. From Su-ho reluctantly feeding Seo-jun his lunch and dinner to the funniest scene where Su-ho has to help Seo-jun pee, it’s weird how the two start to repair the damage, that occurred in their relationship. The episode also shows how Seo-jun manages to stand up for Su-ho, be it with Su-ho’s father, when he reveals that Su-ho is Leo, or when he helps Su-ho hide Ju-kyung As their classmates visit the two of them travel back in the direction of how it used to be, and while it may not be exactly the same, it is definitely better than the hostility that led to their hatred.

Fans had a crush on Su-ho and Seo-jun the whole time, but now they want to extradite them and then #TeamSuseo was born. A fan wrote on Twitter: “Seojun and Suho help each other. DON’T LET THEM FIGHT ANYMORE # TrueBeautyEp11 #TrueBeauty.” Another commented on how Seo-jun dealt with all the feelings he had developed for Ju-kyung, writing, “SeoJun … The memory of his past with Jugyeong alone hit me really hard. He gave in and his withheld feelings about Suho and Jugyeong … best boy. You deserve luck too, and you will find one. # TrueBeautyEp11 #TrueBeauty. “One fan even shared a clip of Su-ho and Seo-jun, writing,” SUSEO MAIN COUPLE OF TODAYS EP # TrueBeautyEp11. “

SeoJun … Remembering his past alone with Jugyeong hit me really hard. He has given in and withheld his feelings about Suho and Jugyeong. Best boy 🥺😭

You also deserve luck and find a way 🥺 # TrueBeautyEp11 #TrueBeauty pic.twitter.com/AsEKpuQN23

– True beauty | #TeamSeoSu ✨ (@ArafatBHassan) January 20, 2021

Another fan wrote: “THE ONLY SHIP THAT HAHAHA # TrueBeautyEp11 counts.” Another fan commented, “Your friendship is really back?!?!?! It’s good that you were in the same room, hehe. # TrueBeautyEp11 #TrueBeauty.” Another fan wrote: “DO NOT CHECK SEOJUN IF SUHO IS STILL BREATHING. # TrueBeautyEp11.”

“True Beauty” episodes will air Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 pm on tvN in Seoul and can be streamed on Viki in the US.

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