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Udit Mhatre on website positioning in India vs. USA & client expertise on website positioning


Udit Mhatre is Senior SEO Manager at DuMont Project, he started his SEO journey in India at Performics and has expanded his career rapidly in just four years.

Doing SEO in India vs. USA:

We first talked about the differences between SEO in India and the US. He said there is a set protocol in India, set steps you take in your SEO chores. In India they go through an SEO extension training with book and pen, without a computer, where they sit and learn SEO. He actually knows the Moz SEO Guide inside out, also the Google SEO Beginners Guide, then the blogs and then watching videos over and over again. They spend 20% of their time studying.

We then continued to talk about his training and professional career. His US work experience includes only remote work. And in his job, he spends 20% of his time training and helping his colleagues.

How consumer experience would be the next SEO

Udit stated that a lot of metrics we should be looking at go out of the window with SEO. So instead, he tried to tweak user / consumer experience metrics, such as bounce rates and user engagement metrics. He used Python and machine learning to display recommendations on a page and it reduced the bounce rate and said it seemed to improve ranking on Google. This is even though Google says that the bounce rate is not used in its ranking algorithm, nor the dwell time and so on. Udit has shared a few methods and tools to help them improve these metrics. And he said if you take that one step forward, consumer experience optimization will be an even bigger SEO win.

Udit has spent some time with RankBrain, but honestly I’m not sure he got it right. Please keep that in mind. Google doesn’t say what it says, and it feels that Google is not being completely honest. To be honest, a lot of SEOs feel like he does.

You can find out more about Udit Mhatre on LinkedIn.

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