The real estate industry is on the advance worldwide. Research by Sprout Social shows: “77% of real estate agents actively use social media for real estate in some form, shape or form. 47% of real estate companies say that social media leads to the highest quality leads compared to other sources. “

To be successful, this real estate market is highly competitive – social media marketing is crucial.

Here are 3 tools to help you create a social media marketing plan:

365 days of social media posts for real estate agents

365 Day Real Estate Social Posts: The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing for Real Estate. (Photo via: Freepik)

365 days of social media posts for real estate agents is the ultimate book for social media marketing in real estate. This book provides agents with a year of creative social media ideas that will delight your platform-to-platform audience.


Wikipedia describes Canva as “a graphic design platform used to create graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content for social media”. The platform is free to use and enables agents to create fast and engaging graphics directly from their mobile device.


Social Media Marketing (Image source: Solen Feyissa)

Later is an easy-to-use social media management platform that enables real estate agents to organize and schedule social media posts months in advance. The later social media planning has both free and paid plans depending on your needs and desires!

If you’re a real estate agent struggling to think about what to post on social media, you need “Real Estate Agent Social Media Posts 365 Days”. Go to Amazon and get a copy today!

Published on June 9, 2021