If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

With the same thought, Vishal Choudhary, a 23-year-old young entrepreneur from Kishanganj, Bihar tried to overcome all hurdles in life and made history in the digital world. Its story is nothing less than a Bollywood film.

Today Vishal Choudhary is CEO of SBG Digital Inc. He founded this company at the age of 22.

The early life of Vishal Choudhary

At the age of 19, Vishal Choudhary set foot in social media marketing as a freelancer. It wasn’t easy for him as he didn’t know the actual market scenario. He had to come a long way.

Although technological aspects were new to him, Vishal Choudhary did his best to make his vision a reality. His nights were sleepless, but his passion was intact. Due to the unfavorable economic conditions, Vishal also worked for a job of Rs 2000 once. Even so, he never lost hope during these times.

Achievements and Rewards

After all of the hard work and determination, Vishal Choudhary has become a successful social media manager with a large number of clients in his kitty. In addition, with his skills and dedication, Vishal has generated around 40 million traffic on Facebook and Instagram. This has earned him great recognition in the digital marketing industry.

Its goal is to create an effective identity for people through social media and to manage their presence in such a way that they do more business.

To learn from mistakes

Success does not come easily and it was the same for Vishal Choudhary. On April 1, 2019, the massive social media traffic created by Vishal was deleted for reasons unknown. Because of this, he suffered a loss of around 40-50 lakhs. It was the most disappointing situation in his life. But as I said, “every setback is a preparation for a comeback,” recovered Vishal. This calamity was a learning experience in Vishal’s life. He soon reached various milestones and made social media his world.
Currently, Vishal Choudhary manages the social media accounts of many eminent people from diverse backgrounds such as sports, entertainment, politics, business, and many others. With his marketing skills, Vishal has helped improve the image of different people through social media channels.

As the youngest in the family, Vishal Choudhary was always told to serve for a secure future. However, his older brother always encouraged him to do things that interested him. This ultimately gave him the motivation to enter a field that nobody in his environment had thought of before.

Vishal Choudhary is an inspiration to the youth who see social media as more than just entertainment.