Influencers are an indispensable part of the brand’s marketing strategy. A well-planned campaign with the right influencer allows a brand to reach millions of new customers within a short period of time. It’s not enough to advertise, brands need something to vouch for the product and convey its good and bad sides to the end user. Vishal Choudhary is one of those savvy digital marketers and social media managers who manages some of the most popular influencers in India and connects them with the right brands. Likewise, he narrows down the search for the best influencers for newly launched brands to help them enter the market early.

Vishal Choudhary has managed to turn his life around by investing his time and money in digital marketing. He provides avant-garde digital marketing services to global clients who are now taking advantage of digital marketing using Vishal’s strategies. Vishal Choudhary has seen many ups and downs in the industry. He was fooled by nearly 50 lakhs and suffered severe blows for his reputation and clientele. His brother supported his skills and motivated him to restart his career in digital marketing. His brother’s faith and strong willpower helped Vishal Choudhary regain his dominance in the digital marketing industry.

Vishal Choudhary also specializes in social media marketing and continues to manage the social media pages of influencers, politicians and emerging celebrities. He understands the need for an influencer to start a campaign and prepares many social media addresses and websites to be flooded with followers. Vishal’s career path has earned him a respectable position in the digital marketing industry as numerous celebrities and influencers strive to use his services to grow on social media platforms and their online reputation management.

Increasing success through digital marketing: Anand Srivastava

Digital marketing services are the Numero Uno preference when it comes to economic marketing strategies. Even so, its effectiveness cannot be questioned as the approach has strengthened many newly established and troubled companies. The rate of convergence towards digital marketing services presents opportunities for many digital marketers who have just started digital marketing. Anand Srivastava is a well respected name in the digital marketing industry who has stood the test of time and has established a successful career in digital marketing.

Anand Srivastava is an avid techno geek who has been close to technology and the internet all his life. After building a successful career in the management industry, he held senior positions as a derivatives analyst. He was always looking for ways to integrate IT with corporate governance, and digital marketing provided the right tools and approaches to do this. His management career laid the foundation for leading companies and brands, and after learning the nuances of digital marketing, his career took him to new heights.

Anand Srivastava shares his views on the emerging interest in digital marketing. He says, “There is no shortage of digital marketing agencies, and I am not pointing out any specific one. The existence of so many agencies shows that there is indeed a great need for marketing implementation in every industry. Nobody can deny this fact. When I started the requirement was there, but the idea of ​​digital marketing wasn’t as discussed or popular. Now companies are struggling to be successful without digital marketing, as their virtual presence means a lot to their customers, which has a direct impact on their sales. “

Anand Srivastava has worked with numerous brands that are known today in different product segments. His approach is always simple and straightforward, rather than focusing heavily on spending the investment openly on repetitive strategies. He says: “Every new customer brings new challenges and these cannot be followed with conventional methods. I see a lot of marketers implementing identical strategies for each client and the results are not that gratifying. My advice to any digital marketer is to do a feasibility study beforehand to see how complicated the project actually is. Blind ties to customers should be avoided and always convey a realistic picture of the effects. “

Anand Srivastava seeks to remedy the existing shortcomings in the digital marketing industry by providing an extensive list of digital marketing services through his company Digital Agency. He says, “Companies pump a lot into digital marketing and see no results. This is due to incompetent marketing agencies taking the money but failing to keep their promise. Digital marketing takes time and can only produce results if you understand the competition. My company, Digital Agency, aims to offer and promote digital marketing in an ethical way. This approach ensures that we work in a search engine-compliant manner and that our products and services are precisely aimed at the target group. The results will take time but will last forever as we build a credible relationship between the business and the search engine. “