Visible breakthroughs in social media advertising and marketing for use in 2021

As a digital / social media marketer, you know that innovations, especially in times of a pandemic, can be real capital when it comes to retaining your brand’s customers and attracting new ones.

Key elements to ensuring engagement on your platforms are exciting, fresh visual tools. From emerging technologies to new ways of looking at visual content, there are a number of visual advertising improvements that can help grow your brand’s sales and keep your profits up through 2021.

Here are five specific visual breakthrough areas that you and your marketing team can make the most of:

Instagram roles.

This new feature was introduced in August 2020 and gives the story concept a new twist. For an SM marketer, roles make creating inventive new content easier than ever.

According to Instagram, users can put campaigns and content together quickly and easily by accessing songs from the Instagram music library, using AR from the website’s effects gallery, and using a timer and countdown feature to record and edit content quickly and seamlessly. Reels offers the perfect forum to refresh the contributions of your influencers or to give your campaigns an excellent IRL feeling.

AR glasses.

Augmented Reality is one of the most promising trends in social media marketing. The invention of versatile AR glasses that can be easily worn and adjusted by the user is an exciting new tool.

With AR glasses, marketers can link a wearer’s actual environment with images and messages that may match their current location, creating a rich experience tailored to the wearer’s needs, wants, and interests.

According to Social Media Today, AR is a highly competitive area across the tech sector. Companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook are on the verge of releasing their own advanced wearable model.

This type of immersive tool enables you to create the most engaging, imaginative content strategies ever. Imagine the ways a consumer can virtually test a new product you bring to market before you even bring it to market. For example, you can target a select group of your loyal customers with access to AR glasses and make this a highly effective new campaign approach. You can also customize programmable displays to be seen by consumers with AR glasses based on their exact location.

LinkedIn Live.

This exciting new platform enables brands to stream their live events and broadcast them directly to consumers and connections. It can add incredible

Makes word of mouth your brand; According to LinkedIn research, LinkedIn live videos receive an average of seven times more responses and an average of 24 times more comments than native videos.

Using LinkedIn Live can also be beneficial in promoting your brand as you can instantly open up availability for any event to an endless network of connections that you and your entire team and population have built. Think of the process as a visual storytelling opportunity.

Verified information banners.

Today more than ever, consumers want authenticity. You must always remember that every statement, word, and assertion you make in an advertising campaign must be accurate and fact-checked. You have to prove to your customers that they can trust you on this.

Eye-catching graphics that make sure your pages or platforms don’t contain false information are a great way to bring that point home. Run a bold banner over any branded text that says you vouch for everything your customers want to read about the function and quality of a particular product.

Vibrant graphics.

Your consumer testimonials are more important than ever. Make their visual feedback clips fun and flattering! Promote a feeling of real connection between the members of your customer base by adding lots of positive text to visual feedback that complement and validate their comments.

Make sure your video posts look great by using filters that put your customers in an attractive light. Add catchy music under the footage and send the final result to each contributing consumer for approval before posting. These types of direct video clips will get tons of views – and get even more of your customers to sing praises of your brand and endorse your products. When your customers look good, you look good!


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