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London, UK, April 10, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The Vitcore Electronics Hub provided a unique opportunity for young urban professionals to embark on a career in marketing and promoting the niche consumer electronics industry of NCommerce. This job includes public appearances, contributions to eBooks, new product launches and software ideas after a master class in social media marketing.

Must be a talented influencer, confident and confident in your social media communication experiences because you need to create social media content for our global marketing buyers. Visit Vitcore.net; They will help increase our special hub events and brand awareness.

Vitcore Hub Advertising Influencer:

  • Build relationships and attract investors across all social media channels.
  • Once a week, inform and rate our mission statement to all community members with our Facebook monetization tool for live events.
  • Implement our market research in marketing and advertising with other brands to improve our well-known communication strategy.
  • Be the expert picture of our Vitcore Electronics Hub and run our paid Facebook courses for at least 300 participants per month.
  • Conduct market research. Design focus groups and surveys with our advertising managers for our clients.
  • Learn how to write sales proposals, articles, and PR messages for our social media growth and email newsletters.
  • Other things you need to know about your eligibility and payments:

    • Is a part-time job of 20 hours / week with a salary of 350 euros / month.
    • We are looking for candidates who speak and write excellent English.
    • You need to have at least 50,000 followers on your social media profiles in order to attract your fans to your new opportunities, courses and article photos.
    • Must accept to become a voice in marketing and promoting consumer electronics and our Vitcore Electronics Hub.
    • You will receive commissions when you promote our shop products, paid Facebook live courses and social media marketing services on your Instagram page. Prepare to learn how to sell it.
    • Overall, your income needs to climb over $ 500 per month, constantly looking for new ways to improve it, and soar to $ 1000 per month by selling paid live courses on Facebook.

    We are experts in consumer electronics marketing and advertising

    You also need to become an expert and help us publish our safari and guerrilla literature research to over 500,000 consumer electronics fans annually. We encourage hackers to grow. We already have 100,000 fans waiting for our content in our Mailgun newsletter.

    We target global markets. Our research will go to software developers and product designers to bring new software ideas and consumer electronics products to market. Check out my video presentation to learn how to create your own branding.

    Read the LinkedIn post here.

    Become a consultant for global customer brands

    We recruit you to be trained 1 on 1 with our communications specialist to achieve our goals. We want people who can say, “I’m the best!” in relation to social media marketing and content creation. We need to co-host our paid online events from our Facebook page. Is important to have a good look.

    Conditions of participation for the interview

    Submit a 30 second video to sell our hub services (including you) in one of your nearest cities: software engineering, product design company, advertising agency, or major consumer electronics retailer.

    Must be smart, attractive, playful, and kind to your camera screen. Tips: Read how to set a group result, set competitor prices, why and when we can be of use to our audience. Open our Facebook live event from our Facebook page @ vitcore.electronics

    Facebook event page here.

    Send your interview request to our business address: [email protected] to the communications specialist Alin-Stefan Stan.

    My LinkedIn profile address: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alin-stefan-stan/

    Media contacts –

    Name – Alin Stefan Stan
    Telephone 07754016095
    Company – Vitcore Electronics
    Country – United Kingdom
    Address: 86-90 Paul Street, Hoxton Mix Hub, London


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