tvN’s upcoming drama “Mine” has given its first glimpse into the chemistry between VIXXs N and Jung Yi Seo!

“Mine” is a new drama about strong and ambitious women who overcome the prejudices of society to find out what really belongs to them. Lee Bo Young will appear as Seo Hee Soo, a former A-list actress and wife of the second son of the Chaebol family behind the Hyowon Group, while Kim Seo Hyung will appear as Jung Seo Hyun, the elegant, blue-blooded woman of becomes the oldest son of the Hyowon Group family.

N will star in the drama as Han Soo Hyuk, Jung Seo Hyun’s son and eldest grandson of the Hyowon Group family. Although Han Soo Hyuk was born with enormous wealth and privileges, he is a lonely soul with deep emotional wounds who no longer feels the joy of life. Due to a heartbreaking goodbye at the beginning of his childhood, Han Soo Hyuk had to grow up quickly and goes unmoved about his everyday life, which his family has already decided for him.

When Han Soo Hyuk returns home from studying abroad, he forges an unexpected connection with his family’s new maid, Kim Yoo Yeon (played by Jung Yi Seo). As the eldest daughter of an impoverished family, Kim Yoo Yeon has already faced all sorts of hardships despite her young age. Not only is she fed up with life, but she is also secretly struggling with a difficult situation that causes her to develop insomnia.

Although the two characters appear to have nothing in common outwardly, they both suffer from insomnia due to their internal turbulence and soon feel drawn to each other despite their different circumstances.

The unexpected spark between the characters begs the question of whether Han Soo Hyuk, who has always strictly followed the path his family took for him, will finally break out of form – and whether Kim Yoo Yeon is ready to do that She finally found her giving up peaceful life in the Hyowon Group household to pursue this secret romance.

“Mine” will premiere on May 8th at 9pm KST and will take over the time slot previously occupied by “Vincenzo” from tvN. In the meantime, you can check out a teaser for the drama here!

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