Eli Feldblum is a person I have known longer than any other person I have known in the SEO industry. I was in high school with him for a year in the mid-90s – yes, we’re old. It’s always fun to meet old friends years and years later, especially if you’re part of the same industry. Eli was in SEO around the same time as me. He joined Didit, Kevin Lee’s company, in 2004. Then he started an SEO toolset company called RankAbove in 2006 and Search Interactions in 2014, which was acquired by MWWPR in 2018. We remember a bit of the early days when we looked back at Gmail and Google Dance and the various Yahoo! Parties and more.

Eli helped me a lot in starting SMX Israel, which was then known as SphinnCon Israel, but was eventually renamed SMX Israel. It was fun and I was planning to restart it in 2020, but um, COVID. We spent a lot of time talking about the old days – I hope you enjoy it. From Google’s cease and desist statements about software we both made. The Huge Money You Can Make From Affiliate Income By Building Cheap Burning Sites

This is part one of three of my interview with Eli …

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