Watch: Park Bo Younger, Web optimization In Guk and extra Expertise a curler coaster of feelings behind the scenes of “Doom At Your Service”

The behind the scenes clip for episodes 9 and 10 of “Doom at Your Service” has been released!

The clip begins with Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young in a self-photo studio. The two practice how Park Bo Young will try to make Seo In Guk smile, and they even perfect exactly what Seo In Guk’s character Myul Mang should make smile. In one shot, Seo In Guk abruptly puts his arm around Park Bo Young’s shoulders, frightening her and creating an enchantingly realistic photo.

At night the duo shoots in front of Tak Dong Kyung’s house (Park Bo Young). For Seo In Guk’s solo take, Park Bo Young moves around to get the perfect angle for Seo In Guk. She jokingly comments, “I’ll do so much for you.” Seo In Guk replies, “You’re my lifesaver.” Behind the camera, an employee jokingly comments that Park Bo Young only behaves like this when they are filming videos behind the scenes, and the actress replies playfully: “Are you doing that well?”

Park Bo Young later asks the director to point out her line: “Would you like to eat ramen before you go?” She practices different tones on Seo In Guk, and he comments nonchalantly: “I don’t really know” [which is best]“Before it slips away. An employee asks Park Bo Young to recreate the feeling from “Oh My Ghostess” and she replies, “I forgot.”

During Kang Tae Oh and Shin Do Hyun rehearsals, Kang Tae Oh suggests throwing a towel on his face. As they practice, he helps calm Shin Do Hyun’s nerves by jokingly commenting, “Oh, it hurts.”

In the next scene, Shin Do Hyun causes a stir and has to be held back by three other people. The camera sees Lee Soo Hyuk standing blankly in the background and the director laughs cursing: “Soo Hyuk …”

Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk then practice the scene where she tells him she is leaving, and Seo In Guk expresses how sad it is. During the filming, the crew initially only plans to take photos with their hands, but the director captures Seo In Guk’s serious expression and pans the camera upwards. Seo In Guk shouts in surprise: “My expression wasn’t ready yet!” And the director reassures him: “No, it was good!”

Before a big wine scene, Park Bo Young announced, “I’m in a good mood today, that’s a big problem.” Later, however, she has no problem getting in touch with the emotions of the scene and receives quiet hugs from Seo In Guk when they finish filming and even makes one employee cry.

Check out the full behind the scenes video below!

Start here to watch Doom at Your Service with subtitles:

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