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Doreen Brown, Let’s Get Visible, SEO specialist

You can have the nicest shop, but without an address and way for people to find you, it will be the best kept secret.

You don’t need to understand any code to harness the power of SEO in your digital marketing artillery. ”- Doreen BrownAUSTRALIA, June 3, 2021 / / – The world of digital marketing is a new world for many business owners, especially those of you Established companies a few decades ago.

Understanding how marketing has changed feels complicated. Digital marketing can be deep or as simple as you like, it’s uniquely customizable which is one of the reasons it’s so much more effective than traditional forms of marketing.

is probably more mysterious than most other branches of digital marketing. However, it is just as important as a shop owner’s address. You can have the nicest shop, but without an address and a way for people to find you, it will be the best kept secret and it will not be good for business. SEO is about making your website visible and visited.

, Founder of Let’s Get Visible. As an authority on SEO, she says there are many myths surrounding SEO that are holding back business.
“If you know what the SEO myths are, you can destroy them,” she said. “Given how easily most people got used to using personal social media accounts, we can see that the problem isn’t that SEO is more difficult (because it isn’t), but that the people are generally more familiar with it. SEO just requires that you get comfortable with it. “

Doreen said there are six key SEO myths she wants to shed light on.

SEO is super technical – WRONG!

Doreen said you don’t need to understand code to harness the power of SEO in your digital marketing. Mastering SEO depends on common sense and remains detail-oriented. Don’t skip opportunities to include searchable terms. “Always spend a lot of time meticulously putting good headings on your page, writing your content according to a strategy, and making sure you pick the right relevant words when choosing your key phrases,” she said. “These actions may seem insignificant on their own, but taken together they are very powerful. You play an important role in how you appear online. It’s about knowing the right process. “

SEO is something to tune in and forget – FALSE!

It points out that SEO requires continuous optimization and adjustments. “Think about a car – even if you buy a new car from a dealer, the quarter tank you get won’t last forever. It has run out and you have to refill it over and over to keep moving; you also need oil changes, water refills and services. SEO is your fuel, “said Doreen.” To run smoothly, it requires charging, maintenance and services. Likewise, your website needs to be constantly updated with fresh, relevant content, blog posts and new plugins. “

Websites come with great SEO setups that are out of the box – WRONG!

Doreen said it was important to know that your website doesn’t automatically come with the SEO setup that you really need in most cases. “Graphic designers and developers are brilliant at what they do, after all, they created a functional website that represents your brand, but the website is not optimized to be seen and found online,” she said.

“This service falls into a different profession. You need to invest in SEO and optimize the website as a separate service. The teams that build your website are not writers. You need valuable, well-written and optimized content on your website because this is it what matters. Your website needs meat on the bone, that’s what Google feeds. “

It’s hard to understand what Google wants – PEOPLE OVERCOMPLICATE IT

There is only one golden rule of understanding what Google wants: They want a GREAT experience for their users. Doreen said Google will always promote the sites that give users a great experience; Ease of use, accessible, easy to read and understand. You can provide a great experience for your website visitors by aiming to understand them. “Put yourself in their shoes. Spend less time talking about your business and more about how your products or services are making life better for them by saving them money, making them feel good, saving them time, or improving their health. Everyone who visits your website is looking for a solution to something – tap it and reassure them you have the solution. Use the Google Ask box for help with this, “she said.

You need expensive tools – WRONG

According to Doreen, there are a plethora of free resources and tools online right at your fingertips. “Some of the paid products are nice to have, but certainly not essential. You don’t need fancy reports, you need an SEO strategy that will get you website traffic and increase your sales, ”she said.

“Be smart about how you spend your time, spending less time on reports and more time on the revenue generating aspects of your SEO like writing content, researching keywords and implementing new effective strategies. If you’re not an agency, do You don’t need fancy tools. Instead, rely on your common sense and meticulousness mentioned in the first point. “

SEO is everything you say and do online – FALSE

Doreen urges people to understand your online footprint as not every online activity leads to improved SEO. “You have to be strategic. When posting on social media platforms, attending podcasts, and blogging posts based on user intent, ALWAYS include a call to action so that the reader or listener actually follows the link to visit your website. ” She said.

“It is not enough just to have the presence that leads back to your location. You need to direct people to follow the path you have created. Think of a path that is never used, it gets overgrown with grass and plants quickly, it is used, it stays clear and open and invites more people to follow it. “

Work with specialists

One of the best ways to improve your SEO is to work with a specialist. You want to experience a personal partnership and share your journey with someone who is just as invested in your progress as you are. SEO is not a service that can simply be given to someone else and forgotten. It takes your in-depth knowledge of your industry and audience, coupled with a knowledge of SEO, to ensure you stay at the forefront of what is happening in your field. Learning SEO on your own is pretty easy when you work with a specialist in one-on-one, over time you can manage it yourself with great ease.

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