People often say that SEO changes quickly and that the algorithm is updated hundreds of times a year. Some companies and providers over-index the reaction to changes in the Algo, some of the algorithms adjust them later, calibrate them and carry out a rollback.

A change in philosophy on content and website experience will get you more visible in the SERPs in 2021.

The content principles that Google, Bing, and the other search engines have established have been pretty consistent over the years: create relevant, helpful, authoritative content that provides a great user experience. This is what everyone would expect if they entrusted their customers to another website.

How does a marketer make relevant, helpful content?

1) Understand the problems people are trying to solve with keyword research. This is known as intent mapping.

2) Answer this intention and solve the problem with accurate and informative content.

3) Make the content load fast and easy to consume with plenty of rich media content like original images, videos, reviews, product information and prices.

4) Prove your trustworthiness and authority by building an audience with effective distribution and internal and external links.

5) Update and update older content to keep it current, relevant, and helpful.

Things to consider for 2021 SEO

Current Research and Authority: Do detailed research on the topics until they can better be described as “depth of expertise”. Do this by regularly writing high quality content that can attract an audience and cover the topic comprehensively. The establishment of current authority has consistently proven to be a realistic method with which the ranking can also be improved for existing keywords.

Reply intention: One of the most important factors is optimizing the content for the user’s search intent. Google or another search engine wants to show the results that are most relevant to the user’s intent. Remember, every request is a question and every listing is an answer. You can find the best answers at the top of the SERPs.

Frequently asked questions are one of the most effective ways to structure your answers. The websites should include the top 200 questions about their industry, product, or service.

Technical performance, core vitals, schemes, AMP

For a successful SEO strategy, you must first complete a technical SEO exam that covers the website’s content, design, and code structure so that any search engine can recognize, crawl and index the web pages.

By mid-2021, Core Web Vitals is expected to be one of the most important new ranking factors for SEO: page speed, stability, device, interaction and HTTPS, which Google collectively refers to as page experience signals. Accelerated mobile pages, commonly known as AMP, help load content in less than a second and can have an impact on experience, rank, and traffic.

Schemas are semantic tags that are added to HTML to improve the way search engines read and display your page in SERPs. It has been linked to the Google Knowledge Panel and the Knowledge Graph. Therefore, it is important to use standard schema markup as a tactic to aid ranking in 2021.

The decision for AMP seems too obvious in 2021, as website speed has become a major ranking factor in Google’s mobile and desktop indexes. Milestone Inc released AMP research this shows that AMP correlates with improved web vitalities, impressions and traffic, Still, only about 5% of websites use AMP.

Case study: why do Wikipedia pages consistently rank so high?

Wikipedia receives more than 10 billion page views a month, with a significant portion of that traffic coming from search engine SERPs. From Nuclear fusion to Parliamentary procedureWikipedia articles are clearly visible in the SERPs.

Wikipedia articles usually rank high because they are: about interesting topics, well researched, authoritative, authored by trusted editors, well procured, well referenced, fact-checked and bug-controlled, up-to-date, mobile-friendly, and fast-loading. In other words, Wikipedia pages provide a great digital experience. Let Wikipedia serve as a guide for your 2021 content strategy.

Dissemination of content in social networks with influencers and contribution to search engine absorption

To improve your SEO results, use social networks for content distribution that can provide viral impressions and traffic at a very low cost and can give positive signals to increase your rankings. Social media probably doesn’t contribute directly to ranking, but the links shared on different social platforms definitely add brand awareness and mentions. Any content or links shared by an influencer will promote search engine optimization, extend the life of content, increase online visibility, brand awareness and reputation.

Social audiences can become your advocates and grasp content diffusion quickly if you offer content that has great value. Content in any format is an important part of your SEO strategy as long as it can appeal to your audience.

Update and update old content

Another successful and often overlooked SEO weapon is updating and updating your old content. Often times, SEO strategies focus on generating new content and it becomes difficult to compete with bigger players who have bigger teams and can produce more. Websites can tweak old content with the latest information as well as new images and graphics for higher rankings, better conversions, and more traffic.

Content rank often degrades over time due to newer content from the competition. A more recent update and re-release date increases the chance of a better click-through rate and can improve the SEO ranking.

Add CTAs to all articles

Make sure that each piece of content contains a logical call to action or the next step. It can be “Sign Up” or “Buy Now” and be represented by banners, links or buttons.


Milestone Inc, a leader in digital marketing, states, “In 2021, marketers will need to create useful, relevant content backed by advanced SEO tactics that enhance the digital experience in order to rank and drive from the SERPs. If you get the digital experience right, you will be rewarded. “