Singer and actor Seo In Guk is confirmed to be on the latest Song Kang show, which has a cameo to win fans’ hearts!

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Seo In Guk adorns Song Kang star Navillera with a special appearance!

On March 31, Sports TV reported that tvN had announced the appearance of Seo In Guk in the drama “Star Kang and Park in Hwan”. Navillera. The cameo was made possible because of the actor and NavilleraHan Dong Hwa, the director, shares a special relationship – they worked together on the drama ‘Squad 38’ in 2016 and have maintained a certain level of trust ever since.

Seo In Guk got his acting break through from the show Answer 1997 and is even recognized for his role in drama The smile left your eyes. He’s been drawing a lot of attention lately because of his upcoming project, Doom at your service, which is expected to be released in May 2021, after that Navillera is over.

Navillera is a feel-good, heartwarming and inspiring show that talks about the sweet little moments in life and how to use them. It’s about dreams, relationships, hope, passion and much more. Seasoned actor Park In Hwan as Deok Chul and talented Song Kang as Chae Rok play two ends of the same rope – rope is their passion and dream of ballet.

Seo In Guk’s Doom at your service is a fantasy romantic drama about the character Myul Mang (which means “Doom”), who has a similar touch to Midas, except that he makes things disappear instead of turning them to gold. Opposite is Tak Dong Kyung, played by Park Bo Young, who puts her love and life at risk if her fate takes an extraordinary turn.

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