SEO National has been the driving force behind many businesses’ online growth for the past 14 years. Selective with their customers, they live from identifying and promoting exceptional products and people online. With this in mind, they are happy to welcome Skin Grip as the newest member of their family.

Skin Grip was founded by Isaac Parkinson to help type 1 diabetics like his brother be fearless in the face of chronic illnesses. He makes tapes to hold CGMs (constant glucose monitors) and insulin pumps in place. Skin Grip is designed to help overcome the problems faced by diabetics faced with other medical tapes that have a tendency to loosen in the water or to exercise. Parkinson’s and Skin Grips are motivated to help people with diabetes live better lives and donate all profits to charities such as the Diabetes Research Institute on the 11th of each month.

“Every company we work with is different and each has a unique story and passion behind what they do,” noted SEO President Damon Burton. “Finding out what makes them tick makes me tick. I look forward to amplifying Skin Grips’ message and showing the world that they have something amazing to offer. “

SEO National uses its proven formula for success to drive targeted, unpaid organic traffic to clients’ websites without the need for expensive advertising. Focused on helping businesses get discovered by the search engines that bring ideal buyers to their sites, SEO National believes that consistent results can only be achieved through consistent efforts. This belief inspires them to build a long term relationship with each client for lasting results.

Forbes Agency Council member Burton also hosts the “Learning From Others” podcast for entrepreneurs trying to increase their online presence. The methods he shares here are the same ones he used to start his own online business. “Learning how to be successful online can be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with this area,” said Burton. “It’s not that there are no options. There are too many options. My team’s goal is to simplify the process by bringing targeted buyers to our clients’ websites without complicated advertising campaigns. “

To learn more about SEO National and how they can optimize websites for businesses like Skin Grip without resorting to expensive advertising, call 1-855-SEO-NATL (1-855-736-6285) or visit

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