Ten years ago the people at Search Engine Land (including myself) published the first edition of the SEO Periodic Table. We have updated the table a few times since then as SEO has changed over the years. We did it again for the table’s 10th anniversary – and I honestly think this version is the best so far.

As with any version, a lot of effort and time goes into rethinking the elements to make sure the names, descriptions, and content are clear and useful. In addition, we are removing items that may no longer be relevant and adding new items that are now important. A lot of people at Search Engine Land have worked on it, from editing, design, production and management and I think we got it right. Of course, as with any of these elements, there can be a debate about why some elements are omitted and why some elements are missing. Or why are some rated this and not that. But that’s SEO fun, isn’t it?

As Carolyn Lyden said, new things have been added such as “a new niche section that delves deep into the unique characteristics of SEO across three industries: Local SEO, News / Publishing and Ecommerce”.

There was even a time when Google’s Gary Illyes used it as a teaching tool (hopefully in a good way).

The download is free in any case, just click here, click on the download button and fill out the form. The screenshot above is an extremely low resolution version of the overall table, but the PDF download includes everything in high resolution with details on each individual item.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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