Ji-hoon, played by Kim Kang-woo, is the only person who can trust Soo-jin, played by Seo Ye-ji … [+] “Called back.”

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Without memories, it’s hard to know who to trust. The decision as to which people to avoid is based, at least in part, on previous experience. This is why Soo-jin, played by Seo Ye-ji, is vulnerable when she wakes up in a hospital bed after an accident. Soo-jin, the protagonist of the tense psychological thriller Recalled, cannot remember anything due to a brain injury. As a result, she cannot really trust anyone and soon discovers that she may not be able to trust her own senses.

After recovering physically from the accident, she is released from the hospital under the loving care of devoted Ji-hoon, who is convincingly played by actor Kim Kang-woo. He goes out of his way to help Soo-jin and helps shake her memory by sharing facts about her past. There is something suspicious about their relationship, however. He seems to know exactly what to remember and what he would rather have if she had forgotten. He also seems to be in a hurry to emigrate to Canada.

The visions Soo-jin begins to have shortly after leaving the hospital complicates her recovery and her plans to move. Her visions seem to involve strangers and she feels driven to intervene. Are these visions delusions or warnings of actual events? Are they a paranormal side effect of your brain injury or are they triggered by something that may be dangerously remembered?

Having no memories could put Soo-jin at risk, but it could be even more dangerous when she remembers what actually happened before her accident. Seo Ye-ji does a compelling job depicting the fragile state of a woman unsure of where to turn. The twists and turns in Recalled are so rapid that viewers have little chance of accepting Soo-jin’s evolving understanding of reality before they and the movie’s viewers have to reevaluate what is real. Soo-jin’s alternation between memories and visions, dreams and nightmares leaves her – and the audience – unsure of what is real and what is not. She may have to know to survive.

Much of the film’s action scenes take place on a construction site in a building that once promised a dream project but is now an empty shell, much like Soo-jin’s state of mind at the beginning of the film.

Kim Kang-woo, who skillfully conveys his character’s emotional connection to Soo-jin without revealing his past, was last seen in the drama Woman of 9.9 Billion and the film New Year Blues. Seo Ye-ji starred in the hit drama “It’s okay to be wrong” and the movie “From Quantum Physics: A Nightlife”.

Recalled was written and directed by Seo Yoo-min, the screenwriter responsible for the films April Snow in 2005 and Happiness in 2007. Recalled premiered in South Korea on April 28 and received an approval rating of 9.27, according to Korean ratings aggregator Naver Movie.