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Web optimization Ye Ji fears her husband Kim Kang Woo is a killer within the upcoming thriller thriller movie


Seo Ye Ji and Kim Kang Woo’s upcoming film “Recalled” (aka “Memory of Tomorrow”) has given a glimpse into the tense dynamic between its two main characters!

“Recalled” is a mystery thriller about a woman named Soo Jin (played by Seo Ye Ji) who, after losing her memory, begins to see the future. As she gradually pieces together the incoherent fragments of her confusing memories, she encounters a shocking truth about her husband, Ji Hoon (played by Kim Kang Woo).

Soo Jin and Ji Hoon are a happily married couple who love each other, and after Soo Jin loses her memory, her devoted husband lovingly cares for all of their needs. However, once she realizes that Ji Hoon is the killer she saw in her visions of the future, Soo Jin becomes increasingly suspicious of him.

Meanwhile, Ji Hoon cannot believe that Soo Jin really looked to the future, and concludes that her hard-to-believe claims are a symptom of a mental disorder.

As trust begins to break between the once-in-love couple, the emotions and dynamics between Soo Jin and Ji Hoon change in subtle ways, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Seo Ye Ji described her experience with her co-star as follows: “I had long dreamed of doing a project with Kim Kang Woo. My experience filming the movie was as amazing as I expected. “

Kim Kang Woo was confident in her chemistry, noting, “Our acting chemistry left nothing to be desired. We spent a lot of time thinking about how to look like a real married couple. “

“Recalled” is slated to premiere in Korea on April 21st.

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