Digital marketing is changing and with new algorithms from December 5, 2020 we see new ways of digital marketing and in this role of a content writer or let’s say the SEO writer is increasing. Now when you talk about content writing in India, Google shows Google as Best Content Writer in India, Best SEO Content Writer in India, Number one among content writers in India A name on the list is Jigar Saraswat aka Jigar Joshi.

Jigar Saraswat aka Jigar Joshi comes from the small town of Surendranagar, his family belongs to Kothara Kutch Gujarat. He is a high quality content writer from India worked with many top stars and brands over the past two years.

He is known to do a great job for individuals and companies looking for a reliable content writing team for both short term and long term content writing projects. Because of his knowledge of SEO, he knows how to get brands and individuals to the top in any search engine.

We believe that more and more SEO writers are coming from India and Jigar Saraswat will be the reason as he started the content writing trend especially SEO writing in India. He is the only one who is India’s most popular content writer and is ranked number one on Google as a content writer.

Content writers such as Jigar Saraswat aka Jigar Joshi Overseas Enterprises Trust Indians, which is beneficial to Indian content writers. So people who speak English well can try their luck at earning passive income from home.

The best part about maturing as a content writer is that it doesn’t require defined qualifications. It gives you a lot of flexibility as you can start writing content at any stage of your professional life and in different roles.

Jigar Saraswat is the only Indian writer to be among the top ten content writers in Asia, and his ranking on Google tells the story. If you’re looking for ‘Best Content Writer in the World ‘, Best Content Writer in Asia This name for young content writers comes first.

Jigar Saraswat’s Rajigar Media will be the next big topic in the world of digital marketing as they bring quality content writers to India and the world. He also works on several projects such as Indiandailypost, 25hournews, social media star Billionaire Post.