A lot has changed in the B2B technology landscape. Organizations have rapidly evolved and scaled to meet the increased demand for remote connectivity, stronger networks, more robust tools, and much more.

Now, with the end of the pandemic on the horizon, but with no signs of slowed growth, how can B2B tech companies keep pace and market themselves effectively, especially on social media?

To find out, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin invited Tracey Fudge, founder of The Thrive Agency, to this episode of MarketScaleTV.

Thrive Agency is a full service digital marketing agency focused on e-commerce and B2B development services.

Litwin and Fudge chatted about social media marketing trends and strategies for the B2B tech players that have seen such explosive growth and the future of B2B digital marketing.

Fudge said she saw a huge surge in interest in digital marketing after a year in which, despite growth, uncertainty had pushed some of these initiatives into the background in favor of focusing on the services themselves. Companies have dropped customers looking to hone their technical skills, but now is the time to use a concerted effort to keep that momentum going.

“Last year everyone was so freaked out that everyone froze,” said Fudge. “On the one hand, you know that it’s only digital now… However, people really hugged [social media and digital] this year. We were showered with opportunities. “

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