From one generation to the next, from old school Jordan Belfort to new age Kylie Jenner, marketing and business strategies have been improved and adapted to our modern lives.

We put what was once considered the best behind us and have since developed new, innovative tactics that most companies cannot do without.

There are a multitude of ideas and solutions behind the important role that social media plays in today’s business. Even the oldest and biggest brands had to adapt and adapt to adapt to the new generation and narrative.

In the name of prosperity and change, let’s see what the new age of social media has to offer.

Get to know your audience

Before you start promoting anything, it is very important to get to know your clientele. Who are you? How old are you? What are your interests? Place?

All of this needs to be answered, at least roughly. You need to outline the center of your target audience and address their needs as much as possible. Here are some interesting and useful statistics you should know about:

Around 72% of adolescents and young adults use Instagram.

80% of B2B social media leads are driven by LinkedIn.

Social media is the greatest inspiration for new age consumers. 37% of all consumers find their products through social media.

The second most popular video consumption platform is Facebook, right after YouTube.

In addition to the above statistics, customizing the way you export visual media and products is of great importance.

Also, changing your approach to best suit your most prominent audience and customers will increase sales and generate more buzz on your website. In the traditional formulation it has never failed to give people what they want to see the light of day!

Work with relevant influencers

We are all well aware of the strong wave of influencers that has appeared on social media platforms over the past few years. What used to be considered a “dropout” is now highly praised. Gosh, how have times changed ?!

In terms of the new prospects for social media jobs, bigger companies and brands have decided to dip their toes in this social media pool. Especially if it included the most appropriate influencer to target its specific clientele.

Since influencers have a very close relationship with their followers, brands have found a way to capitalize on that association by placing their products right in between.

The influencer would get money, the brand would get notoriety and sales, and the people? Well, they would buy goods according to their needs.

In situations like this, even the most creative ideas have popped up on the surface of Instagram. People who support themselves? Without anyone knowing? These Instagram zombie accounts are a topic of their own, definitely while exploring too.

Find an influencer whose audience is a good fit for your brand and try to do business with them. Influencer marketing is one of the largest markets on the internet today! It would be brand suicide not to get involved in such a powerful industry!

Sometimes it’s the little things social media platforms have to offer that really stick with people. For example, Instagram Stories are some of the biggest hype and anticipation makers the internet has to offer.

Always leave little notes and parts of the project in your story before starting a new project, blog post or video. This will spark interest in what is to come and keep users waiting for more to get the finished product.

It’s also important to edit apps and “beautify” the way you present such information about your stories. People are more likely to interact with visually appealing information. Try to take that into account!

If you are gifted with 10,000+ followers, you have the amazing swipe up feature. When you advertise something with this game changer, the best numbers are collected.

Since users literally have to swipe up to get to the linked page, it results in more clicks than usual.

All in all, don’t forget to occasionally focus on the smaller features that social media has to offer. They are just as important and useful as the larger, more obvious ones.