Seo Ye-Ji: South Korean Drama It’s okay not to be okay when the audience got excited in no time.

Suddenly, almost every K-Drama fan recommended it or discussed the details of the Netflix original series. In addition to Seo Ye-ji, the Korean series stars Kim Soo Hyun and the portrayal of their character Mun-yeong fascinated the audience.

The K-drama follows the story of Ko Mun-yeong and Moon Gang-tae, who discover that their traumatic childhoods were intertwined, and the two grow closer when they support each other.

Seo Ye-ji has never failed to demonstrate her acting skills and to prove her versatility in the dramas in which she starred.

Here’s what we know about Seo Ye-ji:

  • Seo Ye Ji was discovered by Made in Chan Entertainment’s CEO, who persuaded her to become an actress.
  • She made her debut in 2013 with a short film entitled Love.
  • Initially, the actor wanted to be a news presenter. To pursue a career in the field, She went to Spain to study journalism and lived there for three years.
  • During her stay in Spain, she was fluent in the local language, a skill that she demonstrated in the TvN sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3.
  • While filming a K-drama called Save Me, she suffered from sleep paralysis every night for 4 months. The actor played a young woman trying to escape a cult.
  • After her impressive portrayal of a lawyer in 2018 Drama series Lawless Lawyer, the actor was named an Honorary Police Officer.
  • She starred in a popular series called Hwarang, alongside the South Korean actors Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik and BTS V (Kim Tae-hyung).
  • The 30-year-old K-drama actor has earned eight different professional certifications ranging from origami to sex education.
  • She also has a K-pop connection. Ye-ji appeared in 2015 together with G-Dragon in the music video for the Korean boy band BigBang.
  • Seo Ye Ji does not have any social media accounts.