When Of which and Alisha Murphy Having recently moved to Wilmington, they brought their Baltimore based web design company with them 6NINETY9 with you.

For them, the city made sense culturally and in terms of location.

“I’m originally from New Jersey and we just drove through Delaware,” Donté said of his earliest memories of the state. “There really wasn’t much here to attract people – there was Rehoboth Beach and that was it. But for the past five or six years I’ve heard about Delaware again and again. My wife’s family is from Maryland and my family is from Jersey, so it’s in between. We like that there is a real sense of community that I never had in New Jersey. “

The cost of living was another draw: “That’s half what we paid for apartments here for an entire three-bedroom, two-bathroom house.”

Back in Baltimore, 6NINETY9 was made by. recognized as one of the best web designers in town Expertise.com. Now the company, named for its affordable small business pricing, aims to be one of the leading web design firms in Delaware.

“All we do is websites, website management, google listings and advertising,” said Donté, the lead designer, while Alisha makes sure the business runs smoothly. “The biggest difference [between 6NINETY9 and other web designers] is the price in terms of quality. We were able to build a website for $ 699 and it’s still great quality. When designing, we thought of mobile devices primarily instead of thinking of desktops and trying to shrink them down so that consumers would have a much better experience than some of your competitors. We will level the playing field in terms of the performance of your website. “

Donté began his career in marketing consulting with large corporations, including Microsoft. In the age of social media, some small businesses have chosen to make their Instagram or Facebook page their online home base – not least because they can’t afford expensive web design. It’s not a good idea, he said.

“First, it’s an indicator that someone is working alone,” he said, an impression that can make the business seem less serious than it actually is. “Second, if Facebook or Instagram fall, you have no ownership of the things you produced there.”

And of course it’s about credibility.

“If you only have Facebook or Instagram, ask yourself, ‘How trustworthy is that?’ If you have awards or certifications, if you have a website that has been around for X years with reviews and the like, people can say they will do business with you. And if you penetrate all of these things as a consumer, if your business is not visible on Google, if your website is inaccessible, then I will not use that business – I will choose from the companies I see. ”

The most important thing a small business should do, said Donté, is to think like the successful companies it works with: “They should do the same thing they do,” he said. “They all have websites.”

6NINETY9 is currently working with its first Delaware client, Milk Honey, a community-focused coffee house and art gallery with locations on the West Side and Market Street in downtown.

“My goal here is to be the first choice for the state. I want to be very involved in the community and see more businesses spring up here and grow in the different neighborhoods we interact with, ”said Donté. “I see a lot of opportunities here that I didn’t see at home. From the business owners I’ve spoken to here, people say Wilmington could be big, a place people associate with culture, community and great businesses. “