Businesses should use data and analytics to review and evaluate the performance of their ads

By Amitek Sinha

Many companies understand the power of social media in terms of marketing, but few know the tricks of using social media as a tool to strategically market their brands and products. Too many companies get into social media marketing without having a strategy. They know social media is an effective way to connect with their consumers. Yet it is an area of ​​marketing that is neglected. Some companies only give their junior employees access to their social accounts – provided they are familiar with social media promotions at a young age.

However, now is the time when businesses need to focus on solid social media marketing plans. They need to have their official social accounts treated more moderately and thoughtfully. To put things in perspective, a concise social strategy will ensure that the brand can successfully meet its goals and objectives.

Steps to Planning a Strong Strategy

It’s a challenge for businesses to maintain brand consistency across different marketing touchpoints, let alone across every social network. Here are some ways to ensure consistent branding across multiple social media channels for businesses:

Set business and goal-related goals

Businesses need to set relevant and realistic goals for social media marketing. The social platforms allow companies to set goals for their campaigns. It is also important that the social campaigns are planned with the brand’s short-term and long-term goals in mind, which, among other things, can lead to visitors coming to the website to generate conversions, generate app installs and increase ROI .

Research the target audience

Marketers can now create audience characters based on their likes and dislikes, interests, behaviors, and demographics of the people they want to target. You can now easily know about the life events of your audience, such as: For example, whether users are newly engaged, newly married, new parents, have just started a new job, which is a great way to structure marketing campaigns. Additionally, businesses should be mutually exclusive of their target audience so that they can understand the performance of different ads among different audiences. This is useful for knowing if you want specific ads to appear in a specific section of the audience. In addition, companies should avoid going into too much detail with their target group, as this makes the target base too small.

Define important metrics and KPIs

Businesses should use data and analytics to review and evaluate the performance of their ads. The key performance indicators (KPIs) should be set in advance so that they can be tracked for useful insights. You can quickly check campaign performance using analytics tools like Google AdWords and Ads Manager.

Focus on ad copies and motifs

Social media marketing strategies depend on content that needs to be engaging and engaging. This is what draws the user’s attention, which is why it needs to be kept top notch. Businesses should adapt their social motifs and ad copies for different platforms such as Facebook and Instagram (both posts and stories), LinkedIn, Twitter and Google. In addition, it is important that the displays look good on a variety of different devices.


Social media is a great tool for targeting users who have already interacted with the brand or product in the past. These could be those who have visited the company’s website, those who have visited the websites of ecommerce brands, or those who have added products to their shopping cart but have not yet purchased them.

Engage with the audience

Dealing with potential customers is important in order to keep them long-term. It is not enough to just post something. It’s important to keep the conversation going. There are two ways to do this: first, by posting interesting content like contests, quizzes, guessing the answers, and second, proactively responding to customer inquiries and concerns.

Sum up

Marketing has always proven to be a game changer for businesses, and in this day and age, social media marketing is a part of that. While people are moving towards social media because of their basic and advanced interests, promotions on these networks are paramount in attracting audiences to a brand. Smart social media strategies and tactful implementations ensure that brands continue to expand their target audience base, which in turn leads to a better brand presence in the market.

The author is COO, ET Medialabs Pvt. GmbH.

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