In the field of search engine optimization, content is considered the king of the entire process. When you have the unique content on your website, almost 60% of the SEO portion is done. The SEO professional knows very well how to create high quality content and how high quality content forces the visitor to stay on your website. But in this fast-paced world where hundreds of websites publish unique content every day, it’s not enough. Internal linking is also important to optimize your website and get more traffic.

If you’ve just started your website, internal linking is more important. According to Paul Gordon, the well-known SEO expert, the internal linking creates the connection between the content of the website. You can say internal linking to link one page to another page on the same domain website. Not just pages where you can link the blog post, category, or everything with the same domain link. It is the advanced terminology to optimize your content and support content marketing in advance. Of course, it increases the visibility of the website in the search engine.

In this article we are going to see the main reasons internal linking is important.

1. Link juice transfer

The internal linking helps to transfer the link juice or the link power. Say you have Page A and it is ranking well on the search engine, and you are about to add another article to your website. So when you publish a new article on your website, link that new article to Page A. This is Page A, which is ranked well and has the authority to transfer power to the new published article. That way, the new page will also rank at a good pace in the search engine.

2. Helps with fast crawling and indexing

Internal linking plays a very important role in indexing and crawling the websites. This technique allows you to quickly crawl and index your new pages. For example, you have a page that is indexed and showing up in search results. There is another piece of content you are going to post and you want it to be indexed quickly. So link this new content to the already indexed page. When the crawler comes back to the indexed page and finds the link of the new article, it will definitely crawl and index the new one.

3. Improves the ranking in the search engine

If you do internal linking, the sites share power with each other. As I mentioned above, when you link the low authority page to the high authority, high ranked page, juice is transferred. As a result, the low authority page will quickly gain some ranking in the search engine. The internal linking helps to improve the ranking of the website in the search engine.