Streamline your tasks like bookkeeping when you are on the go by using software with … [+] adaptable web design.


You might think that accounting apps are the be-all and end-all when it comes to doing your bookkeeping on the go. Think again There are other mobile accounting options – such as B. Appealingly designed software – that you can use to optimize responsibilities on the go. But what am I talking about and what are its advantages?

4 advantages of accounting web software with a responsive design

What is responsive design anyway? The layout and content of a responsive design adapt to the size of the screen on which the software is running. With responsive design, you can easily access information and do tasks on your mobile device. Regardless of whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, etc., an attractive design adapts to the screen size of your device.

My online accounting and payroll company, Patriot Software, is about building mobile devices first and making sure customers can easily access their software on any device. All of our accounting and payroll software options use a responsive design. This way, customers can access their accounting software anytime, anywhere and enjoy an app-free experience.

Responsive design web applications provide users with numerous benefits. That’s why we at Patriot Software went for the responsive design. Check out some of the benefits of designing software below.

1. It offers a high quality user experience

Imagine this: You are using your accounting software to remove some of your tasks from your to-do list while shopping. Everything seems to be going well … until it isn’t anymore. Navigation is clunky and you can’t find where your reports are.

Sound familiar? In this case, you have fallen victim to a poor user experience (UX).

The user experience is very important when it comes to accounting software and responsive design. And without a good user experience, you are sure to suffer the consequences (which is likely to include a boatload of added stress).

When trying to do bookkeeping on the go, some things you absolutely don’t want to deal with are confusing navigation, slow speed, and poor design.

One benefit of the responsive design is the high quality user experience. In general, because responsive design is designed to be responsive, it is a great experience for users. You usually don’t have to deal with navigation problems or errors when you access your software on a mobile device that is nicely designed. Instead, you can use the same functions as when you access your software “normally” (e.g. on a computer).

In contrast to apps, the user experience of responsive design software is consistent throughout. Certain apps on different devices can lead to different – and sometimes bad – experiences.

2. Hog storage is not created on mobile devices

Show of hands: How many of you downloaded another app on your device but couldn’t because your device’s memory was completely empty? Or maybe a similar scenario occurred when you were just trying to take a family photo … sigh. Although I cannot physically see your hands, I know this has happened to most of us.

There’s nothing worse than apps and downloads taking up much-needed space on your devices. However, one thing Responsive Software Design doesn’t do is drain your precious storage space. Instead, you can save your space for more important things (like your priceless family photos).

So, if you like the sound of not having to worry about your accounting software taking up your device’s storage space, you’re a big fan of responsive design.

3. It has automatic updates

Depending on your device’s settings, you may need to perform manual updates to get the latest updates for your apps. Manual updates can be time consuming and just a pain in the back. Not to mention, manual app updates can cause delays in getting the latest updates for your software because the App Store has to approve the changes first.

With a responsive design, you can say goodbye to manual updates for good. You don’t have to worry about not having the latest version of your software or taking the time out of your hectic schedule to do the updates yourself. And as you know, a little extra time (even if it’s only five minutes) goes a long way when you are a busy business owner.

Responsive design software has automatic updates, all of which are done in the back end. This means you don’t have to worry about doing the updates yourself or wasting your device’s battery life updating the software manually. Corrections and features are automatically reflected in the software for you, and you can be sure that your software is up to date.

4. It easily adapts to any device

OK – so this last benefit is no secret. Heck, we’ve talked about it a bit already. But there is a huge benefit to why responsive software design is so great … and why it deserves to be talked about more.

As you know, the responsive design adapts to any device. With responsive software, you’ll see a similar style and layout on your device to what you’re used to when you normally access the software.

Yes, adaptability is nice. But some more good news: this adaptability will become even more important as technology evolves in the future. An appealing design adapts to future devices such as new smartphones and other mobile devices.

When you have software that is nicely designed, you don’t have to worry about inaccessible on a new device. Instead, the software automatically adapts to each screen.

The conclusion of responsive design

Accounting software with an attractive design is an excellent alternative to the popular accounting app. Let’s briefly summarize some of the benefits of responsive software design. Accounting software with responsive design:

  • Allows you to access your accounting software whenever you want
  • This will help you avoid taking up storage space on your device
  • Will be updated automatically for you
  • Is mobile friendly
  • Adapts to the size of your screen on multiple devices

Check out software that is nicely designed so that you can take full advantage of it. If you’re looking to get away from a troubled app, get yourself some software that you don’t need on the go.