Leeds-based digital marketing agency Wolfended has been named an SEO partner of Komodo, a global influencer agency with offices in London, LA and Sydney.

What follows is a successful year for Komodo, which saw sales grow by 300% last year and its team grew from 13 to 24 worldwide. Komodo recently announced that it will be hiring a total of 25 additional employees this year.

As an SEO partner, Wolfenden will work to strengthen Komodo’s organic market share in an increasingly competitive environment and to support the company’s plans for further growth and expansion.

Freddie Strange, Komodo Co-Founder and Business Development Director, said, “The past 12 months have been challenging for many companies. However, as people have become used to doing almost everything online, we are excited to see a growing demand for social media and influencer marketing.

“We have ambitious plans for the coming year to further expand the team, expand our offering and open offices in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The appointment of Wolfenden is part of that growth plan. Your strategy of increasing our organic visibility further strengthens our authority in influencer marketing and helps connect us with a wider potential customer base. “

Daisy Wolfenden, Managing Director at Wolfenden, added: “We are always excited to work with brands that share our own ambition to grow their business through digital marketing and we are confident that our technical and PR-based SEO strategy for Komodo will make for an exciting year for the brand.

“Komodo’s agility in customizing its offering, which prior to the pandemic was largely dependent on travel, has demonstrated the team’s innovation and determination. Qualities that apply to our own team and contribute to the fact that this partnership fits so well. “

Komodo was launched in 2017 and now represents names like Sarah Ashcroft, Alex Coll and Anyang Deng. The global agency has a client list with TUI, Asos and PrettyLittleThing.