“You Are My Spring” actress Search engine optimization Hyun Jin exudes class in Vogue Korea Pictorial

Seo Ji Hyun exudes elegance and feminine aura in the August issue of Vogue Korea. Her breathtaking look and figure were highlighted in the photo shoot.

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Seo Hyun Jin shares thoughts on the drama “You are my spring”

The actress shared why she chose You Are My Spring as her new project: “I’m picking the work of a writer that I personally resonate with. After reading the script, I was invested in the drama . “

The drama tells the stories of people who live with their “seven year olds in their hearts”. You are moving into a building where a murder has taken place.

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The wounds that you get as a child become traumatic even as an adult, but these wounds will help a person heal and grow. She looked back to the past that made her what she is today. She expressed how she resonated with her character in the drama series. Seo Hyun Jin said she felt like she was treated like Kang Da Jeong in the drama instead of acting.

Seo Hyun Jin tells how she prepares for a drama

Seo Hyun Jin showed her acting skills in the hit dramas “Black Dog: Being A Teacher”, “Another Miss Oh”, “Dr. Romantic” and more.

According to the production teams she worked with previously, she’s a person who can easily empathize with her character. She remembers and lives with her whole body, which allows her to express her emotions well.

Seo Hyun Jin in

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One thing the actress looks at a character is his or her past. She analyzes the character well in order to empathize with her role.

“As soon as I get into work, I’m the type of person who loses the thin line between the character and me,” she shared.

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The actress has different sides to herself and every time she has a project she makes sure that she shows it to the audience.

“Look, hear, and speak. Those are the basics of acting. I didn’t graduate from acting school and I’m jealous of my friends who have learned to act systematically. I just do what I can. I think I do a lot more fun trading with your heart, “she added.

Seo Hyun Jin vs. Actress Seo Hyun Jin

The actress shared that she wants to live her life without fear and regret. When asked which word she personally finds beautiful, she replied: “Survivors. People who have great self-discipline and who do not allow themselves to be shaken even in difficult times. It is different from being timeless or pure. “

Seo Hyun Jin’s favorite time is when she is on the set. She shared that she enjoys chatting to people about acting on the set. “I’m bad at other things and I get nervous and stressed out easily, but I feel most comfortable when I’m on set.”

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Her acting career helped her analyze and understand people’s characters and feelings. She said that through her acting career, she is growing as a person.

The actress confessed that her acting career dominated her life, but she doesn’t complain about it. She argued, “I do it because I love it.”

However, fans are most curious about the personal life of today’s celebrity. But Seo Hyun Jins is only revealed on one surface through Instagram posts.

Seo Hyun Jin in

(Photo: tvN)

“At home I only cook and eat, play with my dog ​​and lie on the sofa. I don’t do that much SNS, ”she explained carefully.

Seo Hyun Jin says that she doesn’t want people to remember her

The actress expressed that everyone has a desire to do well in their respective field and that is her goal too.

She shared, “When I said I didn’t want to be remembered, it is because people know that they are the most important and that it’s not easy to remember someone.”

She was influenced by her mother, who worked as a teacher: “She told me, ‘a teacher who is easily forgotten is the best teacher’. As an actress, I just want to enjoy this moment and have fun doing my best in my career so that those who will see will enjoy seeing it. “

Seo Hyun Jin concluded with a reference from her ongoing drama series “You Are My Spring”: “My spring day has not come yet. I wish it would come before I am 70,” she laughs, “So I want to go to them too Oscars. “

Seo Hyun Jin will star in the drama series “You Are My Spring” in 2021. She is also preparing for her new project “Dimentia” and “Why Soo Hae Oh?”, Which is expected to be broadcast in 2022.

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