Delete Instagram food posts for Land O Lakes to feed people

If you are a food enthusiast, the chances are that you must have posted some mouth-watering food pics on Instagram. Of course, no one would want to go for an exciting trip and fail to share photos of the fantastic food they enjoyed while out and about.

Feed Hungry People by Deleting Your Instagram Posts with Delete To Feed

Many people post food pics on Instagram. That’s why Instagram has many food posts. The problem is those are just pics and can’t feed anyone. Research shows that many Americans are going without food. But there is something you can do about those food photos and save many lives.

If you love charity work, here is a chance you can use to help people. We are not asking you to donate food. It’s about making some little sacrifices on your Instagram posts.

For that reason, Land O, Lakes has organized a campaign intending to donate meals to needy families. In this campaign, 11 meals will be given for every food photo deleted from Instagram. You should turn your food posts into actual meals by removing them.

How deleting social media can save lives

You can sign up, connect your Instagram account, and delete the food posts. This site will track the posts that you toss. Eliminating some photos could save the number of people suffering from food insecurity. You don’t have to delete all images, but you can do away with images that you feel are no longer useful.