The internet has remained constant in people’s daily life. In fact, according to DataReportal, 4.66 billion or around 60% of the world’s population have been using the Internet continuously since the beginning of 2021. We do a lot of activity online and it’s no wonder companies have jumped on this train. Companies implement digital marketing strategies like SEO because they are seen as an effective way to offer more opportunities to a company. Organizations such as law firms can also benefit from this strategy. Learn what are the best lawyer SEO services to use in your practice.

What is digital marketing and SEO?

Digital marketing includes various marketing activities related to the use of an electronic device or the internet. Compared to traditional marketing methods, digital marketing enables companies to reach larger audiences as more and more people are online. Digital marketing has different categories and one of them is SEO or search engine optimization.

This process is designed to help a company’s website rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), leading to an increase in search engine traffic.

The Importance of SEO for Law Firms

96% of people in need of legal advice start their search online. Therefore, if you want to attract a client to your legal practice, start with building a well-optimized website. How SEO for Law Firm Websites can help your business grow:

Defines a name in the industry

Applying the best lawyer SEO services can help legal practices find a reputable name in the industry. How? Often times, people perceive that results that appear in the top SERPs are the most reliable sources for their search. If you or your law firm ranks high in search engine results, your practice is likely to be viewed by people as more reliable and trustworthy than that of low-ranking companies.

Targeted traffic

The risk with traditional marketing is that you don’t know if your ad is successfully reaching your company’s target market. In contrast, SEO can be used to optimize your website so that it is available for targeted traffic. A common practice is to include certain keywords on a law firm SEO blog and entire website to ensure that your website will appear when people type those keywords into the search engine.

More potential customers and conversions

If your website is high on SERPs, expect more calls and inquiries. And the more people reach out to you with your landing on your website, the greater the chances they will be converted into paying customers. When you allow law firm SEO firms to do the job for you, you have more time to delve into other components of your business. Ultimately, with a well-optimized website, you can get not only paying customers but also a good return on investment.

What Are the Best SEO Practices for Applying on a Lawyer Website?

Prioritize keywords

One of the most important steps in optimizing your website is listing all the possible keywords that you want your legal practice to rank for. Choose specific and targeted keywords to ensure that you are attracting qualified traffic and leads. Start by recording keywords from your main practice areas. From these, SEO experts can suggest related search terms that will help your practice rise above the SERPs.

Integrate keywords well into your website

Now that you’ve set the right keywords, they’re ready to use on your website. It is best to put keywords on the home page, as this is where web visitors will most likely land first. Add the keywords to the main elements of the content, such as: B. the headline, sub-headings, break topics, and your call-to-action phrases.

Check out the competition

Optimize the look of your website on search results pages

Keep your website mobile friendly

As of January 2021, 92.6% of active internet users will go online via their mobile devices. Most likely, your next customer will search from their cell phone. Hence, you need to make sure that your website is suitable for cell phones. Your SEO expert can certainly help you apply responsive web design to your website to achieve this.

Work on the speed of your website

Speed ​​plays an important role in your website. Do you know that one in four web visitors is likely to log out of a website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load? If your website is speeding up, you can reduce the image size to around 100KB or minimize HTTP requests. An SEO professional can also use more techniques to improve the speed of your website.

Create professional profiles

You will have an advantage over other law firms or attorneys if you have profiles set up in legal directories such as Super Lawyers, Avvo and Justia. Don’t forget to also create a profile on your local bar association’s website. By including information about your practice in these registers, you can share consistent details about your activities. As a result, using these profiles can be helpful in ranking your website.

Google My Business

Another professional profile not to be missed is Google My Business (GMB). A GMB profile can help ensure that your practice’s website appears in the local 3-pack from Google or in the first three entries in search results. Inclusion in this top 3 list increases the visibility of your legal practice and makes it more accessible to potential clients. Make sure all the details on your profile are correct. Also, encourage your current and past customers to leave a review so that your company remains visible online.


If you want to expand your legal practice, the most efficient way of marketing today is to use SEO for lawyers. With billions of global internet users, it is less difficult to attract potential customers online. The key is to make sure that your website and all other online platforms are well optimized so that you can reach your target market with ease.

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