PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY, USA, Feb.13, 2021 / / – Despite many professionals focusing on SEO marketing for veterinary practices, social media marketing is just as valuable to veterinarians as a marketing tool. With almost every single veterinarian and pet owner having a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest, veterinary practices can use this constant stream of content to their advantage.

This form of marketing enables veterinarians to communicate directly with current and potential customers, which can help increase the trust of pet owners in the services of this practice and not seek advice from the experts for emergencies. By building these meaningful relationships with customers, veterinarians using social media marketing can improve their revenue by building customer loyalty and driving traffic to their veterinary clinic’s website.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best social media marketing ideas for veterinary practices.

Photo contests

With 51% of consumers saying they would be more likely to interact with and / or buy from a brand online if that brand shared their content, user-generated content is becoming more important than ever to social media marketing.

Photo contests are a great way to collect user-generated content, drive engagement, and encourage customers to share posts with their family and friends. Some great ideas for photo contests are:

Setting a winning photo as the title photo of the exercise for the month,
Run regular photo contests for vouchers and other prizes,
Annual competitions with great prizes for the photos with the most likes / votes.
The prices all depend on what each veterinary practice can afford. This is why small, regular competitions to choose a new cover photo are a good option for practices that cannot afford to invest a lot in their marketing budget.

Video content

63% of businesses say they get the best ROI on social media from video. This makes it one of the best investments veterinarians can make with their social media marketing.

Video can often be viewed as a more authentic representation of a veterinary clinic or vets, making it more likely to gain trust from a practice’s social media audience. Some great ideas that have been successful on social media include:

“A Day in the Life” videos show snapshots of what veterinarians do every day, including a behind-the-scenes look.
Introductory videos where each member of a veterinary team talks about who they are, what they do, why they love their job, and even a fun fact about themselves.

“How To” videos that show customers how to perform basic pet grooming at home, such as: B. Brush teeth, cut nails and care for them.
Customer-requested FAQ videos where a member of the team answers a question asked by a follower,
General informational videos about pets on topics like food, exercise, different breeds and interesting facts.

Infographics help veterinary practices to publish information content in visual form to make it more accessible, engaging and shareable. And since infographics have been shown to increase web traffic by 12%, they’re also a great way for practices to promote their veterinary clinic website.

The following content ideas are great for using in infographics:

Fun information about a veterinarian’s office, e.g. B. What kind of pets they treat, which oldest pet they treated, etc.
Key Facts About Parasites, Diseases, And Diseases That Pet Owners Need To Know
Veterinary medicine schedules or other major developments in the wildlife
Numbered lists of tips, tricks or ideas for pet owners.

Veterinary offices can also use infographics to promote seasonal preventive treatments, remind pet owners about vaccinations, or educate them about a trending topic in the wildlife. With so much information available to pet owners to understand, infographics not only help customers find the information they need, but they also establish a veterinary practice as a thought leader in their industry.

Infographics can also be used on veterinary clinic websites as part of SEO marketing for veterinary clinics, so practices only need to invest once in creating them.

Get involved with followers

Social media is a two-way platform, meaning veterinary practices need to respond to comments, reply to messages, and build conversations with their audience. This is beneficial to a practice’s reach on social media as most platforms reward engagement in their algorithm, but it also helps the practices build meaningful relationships with their customers.

This is the biggest advantage social media marketing has over SEO marketing for veterinary clinics. Therefore, veterinarians with access to the practice’s social media should be encouraged to speak to clients and answer questions on social media.

By monitoring comments and messages, a veterinary office can also determine which social media posts are working based on how much their followers want to discuss the topic. It also means that veterinarians can respond to negative comments and feedback as quickly as possible, which helps improve their reputations and keep their customers happy.

Use a social media content calendar

Using a practice social media marketing content calendar is the best way for them to keep track of their campaign, build engagement, and make sure they don’t miss a valuable posting window.

Veterinary offices have several awareness weeks and seasonal campaigns that they can run. So creating posts in advance and scheduling them on a calendar will keep customers informed. It also means that practices can maintain a consistent flow of content across all of their social media channels so that every customer receives the same (or similar) content at the right time. While not every practice has the ability to create content in advance, especially for busy practices or those that cannot afford to have a dedicated social media marketing agent on hand, a calendar is still a valuable resource. Even if veterinarians are creating content right before it’s published, a social media content calendar can remind them to create their marketing collateral or schedule them for other tasks.

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