Actress Seo Ye Ji broke her silence after two long months. The ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’ actress came under tremendous pressure after allegations surfaced about her bullying ex-boyfriend, coworker and more. The 31-year-old actress was banned from major projects like Iceland and commercials after allegations of bullying turned her into anger on social media.

On June 11th, Seo Ye Ji posted an update on the fan cafe that relieved fans when they knew the actress was fine. The “Save Me” star noted that it felt good to know that there are people out there who could take their trust, referring to the storm of allegations that essentially left her an outcast.

The backlash was so extreme that she didn’t attend one of the biggest awards shows of the year, the Baeksang Award, where the actress was nominated for “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.”


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Seo Ye Ji breaks her silence

The message from Seo Ye Ji in the fan café was, “Knowing that there are people who believe in me is something that makes me feel good.” The actress has not appeared publicly for events since the bullying controversy broke out. The biggest hit her career has made so far was of course the drop from OCN ‘Island’. The K-Drama series, which is based on the story of a fantasy exorcism, had Seo Ye Ji as the leading actor.

Seo Ye Ji in “It’s Okay To Be Wrong” (Netflix)

Seo Ye Ji controversy

Seo Ye Ji has been plagued by controversy after controversy – from the alleged manipulation of her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun to rude behavior towards her own co-workers. An unveiling video on YouTube claimed that she also lied about her education and more. Seo Ye Ji Agency released a statement on the bullying rumors: “Hello, this is a gold medalist. This is our official position on the latest reports on actress Seo Ye-ji. First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay in sharing our official position. As a result of our confirmation with Kim Jung-hyun, it was clearly confirmed by him that the drama-related controversy was not caused by Seo Ye-ji, and he expressed his own intentions to share his official position. “

Fans are excited to receive an update from their favorite actress as they are happy to know that Ye Ji is communicating with them directly. One fan wrote, “I’m just so glad she’s fine. In fact, her strong mentality is the best. Will be patiently waiting for you, Yeaji.” Another heartwarming fan message read, “I can’t help but worry and miss Yeaji. It’s something I’ve been doing as a daily routine for the past two months. We all have! But she thought of us? Why is she so selfless? I love you so much Seo Yeji! Feel better, please. “

I can’t help but worry about Yeaji and miss her. It’s something I’ve been doing as a daily routine for two months. We all have! But was she thinking of us? 🥺
Why is she so selfless? 😭
I love you so much Seo Yeji! Feel better, please. #seoyeaji #seoyeji

– 🦋 (@MISSSKYFLOWER) June 11, 2021

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