The social media marketing company Tokotown starts in Singapore in June. After a pilot start in Jakarta, which was carried out in cooperation with Gojek, two applications are offered: Tokotown Pro for retailers and Tokotown for influencers. The platform will enable retailers and brands to use local content creators as brand advocates and create an online marketplace between the two companies. The service is free to influencers, but merchants pay a monthly fee to list campaigns. Tokotown is based in Singapore and is part of a group of companies including social media marketing agency One9Ninety and influencer marketing agency Narrators. Customers such as Unilever, L’Oreal and Samsung are currently being served.

Merchants can create campaigns in the Tokotown Pro app that offer products, services, coupons, experiences and the corresponding dollar value. Micro and macro influencers can discover the campaigns in their Tokotown app and decide whether to trade their social media posts for the value of an offer without any financial incentives. The only trade would be the merchants’ inventory for the value of social media marketing.

The campaigns involved are either in-store or online. The first option requires influencers to physically come to the merchant’s place of business to receive a free service or product. The latter allows for online execution with coupons or products sent to influencers. Influencers require a minimum of 1000 social connections and are verified against engagement rates, audience credibility, and manual review to be part of the community.

According to Max Verrier, Tokotown’s global leader, the launch will give brands and marketers access to a seamless mobile solution that allows them to access and interact with vetted content creators and analyze the performance of the content being created. The platform aims to address the traditional weaknesses of SMEs working with influencers or those who do not have the know-how and allows them to centralize the whole process in a cost and time effective way.

To promote the launch of the apps, according to Tokrown, Verotier is investing heavily in social media marketing, paid media, working with influencers and word of mouth. The initiatives are supported by narrators. Once the app has been approved in the Apple Store, the company will begin campaigning with a select few pre-launch brands for a coordinated campaign slated for sometime in June. Verrier added that the campaigns won’t go live until the launch date, accompanied by the launch of the influencer app and the recruiting and onboarding campaign.

Separately, the Tokotown Pro partnership with Gojek was launched together with Narrators last year. As part of the collaboration, the platform offered retailers in the Gojek ecosystem direct access to connect with tested and verified creators of social media content. Tokotown stated in a blog post that traders are guaranteed to be matched with content creators who meet the demands of the market. All influencer content and results can be monitored directly from the dealer campaign dashboard. The content created by the creators is published on various social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.

Separately, Gojek recently announced the merger with Tokopedia to form the GoTo Group. According to Gojek, this is the largest business combination to date in Indonesia and the largest to date between two Internet media and services companies based in Asia.

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