K-pop has been under attack since several alleged victims came out to expose idols’ unsavory past as school bullies. Many idols such as Mingyu from Seventeen, Hyunjin from Stray Kids, to name a few, have been attacked by alleged victims. However, if properly investigated, these allegations were found to be false.

Seo Soojin, better known as Soojin from the K-pop group (G) I-dle, took a temporary hiatus on March 4, 2021. After much back and forth regarding the scandal, it seemed like Cube Entertainment wasn’t doing anything about the whole situation.


“Sorry to Soojin” trends amid rumors of bullying: K-pop fans gather for (G) I-DLE star and call her “innocent”

(G) I-DLE Soojin: Why is “boobs out for soojin” trendy? CUBE takes legal action against trolls over rumors of bullying

Soojin’s bullying scandal

Both Soojin and Cube Entertainment initially denied these rumors. But things got worse for Soojin when actress Seo Shin Ae stood up to accuse Soojin of bullying her at school. But fans were still hopeful about the situation as most of the other idols involved in similar scandals were considered innocent as they finally got to join their groups and have regular activities.

Soojin’s reputation was badly damaged during the scandal and her chances of rejoining the group were limited as bullying scandals are not taken lightly by the Korean public. Even more so because in the Soojin case she was accused of having bullied her victims over a long period of time and of being accused of school violence.

Cube Entertainment publishes a statement

On August 14th, Cube Entertainment announced that Soojin was leaving the group. In their statement, they first apologized for the grief fans suffered over the Soojin controversy. They said they had made their final decision that Soojin would leave the group and (G) I-dle move on with only 5 members.

This statement from Cube Entertainment annoyed fans. This isn’t the first incident of mismanagement seen from the label. Artists like HyunA and Dawn were fired from the company when it was revealed they were dating. In recent news, CLC’s Yu Jin, who is also a member of the new survival show Girls Planet 999, collapsed during one of her Soundbyte clips, claiming her group had been sacked by Cube Entertainment. However, the agency has yet to make a public statement about CLC, leaving fans wondering about the fate of the group.

After Soojin is publicly accused of bullying, he leaves (G) I-dle and leaves fans angry with the label for its mismanagement of artists (official_g_i_dle / Instagram)

Fans angry with Cube Entertainment

Here’s what fans think about Soojin’s statement that he is leaving the group. One fan pointed out: “So far, Cube has ruined a lot of grpd beast, 4minute, clc, pentagon, triple h and now gidle.”

so far, dice has ruined many grpd beast, 4minute, clc, pentagon, triple h and now gidle

– Danni⁵ (@akgaeneri_) August 14, 2021

One fan added, “About a fake scandal.” pointed out that Soojin hadn’t even publicly announced that he would accept the bullying allegations. Another fan said, “Didn’t she say she would leave if it were true … she hasn’t made a statement since ssa made hers.” while one fan also pointed out, “So this is how Cube deals with your problems? … getting you to leave in any controversy.” Another angry fan said, “At this point, I just hope Cube is broke.”

Didn’t she say that if it were true she would leave … she hasn’t made a statement since ssa made hers.

– jumjiu (@ jumjiu1) August 14, 2021

So this is how cube deals with your problems? …
Let them go in any controversy 🙂

– Riyuta Sasaki⁷¹³⁵⁷ (@ PraghyaSharma2) August 14, 2021

At this point, I just hope Cube has gone bankrupt.

– Kev (@JinRyuVin) August 14, 2021

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