The age of influencers is just around the corner. Many young and talented people have found large audiences through content creation and expression on various social media platforms. Sai Karra is one of those young and talented people who are at the forefront of the influential industry, attracting millions of followers and spreading his message to a global audience.

Sai Karra is a 16 year old social media influencer and entrepreneur who has garnered over 5,000,000 followers on multiple platforms over the past few years. “I tell stories and cool facts on TikTok and run a digital marketing agency with my older brother Srikar Karra,” Sai said.

Together, the Karra brothers founded their own company called very BuiltGen. Brand is about helping companies target the Gen Z demographic to enter this diverse market of discerning consumers. Sai Karra started his social media journey in 2015 by uploading basketball mixtapes to YouTube. He has never looked back since then. That’s when he knew he wanted to become a social media influencer.

Sai Karra launched his very first TikTok account in January 2021 and has since gained over a million followers on his personal account and millions more on various accounts. “My brother Srikar Karra and I ran ads through our accounts and then we were interested in starting our own marketing agency,” said Sai Karra. “Since then, we’ve worked with various clients and helped them scale immensely,” we added.

BuiltGen markets through the use of TikTok, which not many people and companies are able to do. With a large fan base, the company is able to target hundreds of millions of people, and more importantly, these individuals are part of the Gen Z demographic, which enables BuiltGen’s partners to reach often unfamiliar territory.

Credibility is incredibly valuable. BuiltGen doesn’t have to worry about competition as the brand has almost monopolized the TikTok storytelling niche, allowing brands that turn to the company to get massively positive results with huge and valuable returns.

When asked what really motivates him, Sai Karra said that from the start his only motivation was fear of being the average person. “I wanted to stand out from others and build a reputation and brand around my name that would help me over the years. I wanted the name “SaiKarra” to stand out and make a difference in the world, “Sai Karra said. “I wanted to be my own brand,” he added.

In the near future, Sai envisions running a multi-million dollar business using his connections and social media presence. “I want to scale BuiltGen and work with some of the biggest brands in the world,” said the young influencer. “I want to keep making videos on the internet and influencing millions of people,” he added passionately.

The way things are going now, it would be no surprise if Sai Karra reached the top within a few months.

To learn more about Sai Karra and BuiltGen, visit the company’s official website website.

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